Human Eggs Grown in the Lab Could Produce Unlimited Supply of Humans

The first human eggs grown from human stem cells could be fertilized with human sperm cells later this year, potentially revolutionizing fertility treatment for women. This could be one more step on the path toward reproduction sans human interaction — in this case, a potential parent wouldn’t even need to donate her eggs. But it could also turn stem cells into an infinite loop, of egg cells into embryos into stem cells, and on and on, in a fractal-like repetition of reproduction. Read more…

2 thoughts on “Human Eggs Grown in the Lab Could Produce Unlimited Supply of Humans

  1. DL Rover

    “Human eggs grown in the lab from stem cells (whose?) could produce unlimited supply of humans.”
    Sounds like Charlie Chaplin’s Modern Times conveyor belt nightmare combined with the wet dreams of automated super soldiers and disposable slave work units of New World Order psychopaths Ray Kurzweil and Craig Venter.

    In a world where the ‘authorities’ are doing their damnest to maim, compromise and kill children (and adults) with vaccines and medications, I can see no hopefull or loving principle in this scientific ‘playing god’ scenario.

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