Baby girl dies after 5 vaccines (2/2013)

1-month-vaccines-300x196On February 21, 2013, a one month-old baby girl died after receiving her first vaccinations. Baby Ayushi Gupta died at the Maltibai Hospital, Thane, West Mumbai in India just hours after receiving her vaccinations for Hepatitis B, DPT (diptheria, pertussis and tetanus) and oral pulse polio drops. Read more…

Check this out:  India babies receive 8 polio shots alone by the time they are 5 years old.  India children can receive fifty or more vaccine doses by the time that they are five years old! Regarding “vaccine doses”:  vaccinations are triple vaccines such as the MMR and DTP.

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  1. Jeffrey

    Hi mates,
    For many years now, since the early nineties I have been increasingly aware of palpable sense of evil overtaking our planet like that giant dust storm that enveloped Phoenix, AZ. It started out gradually, the deaths of millions (not a misprint) from the operation of the Hanford nuclear reactor and atmospheric testing of nuclear weapons. taking the iodine out of the flour, fluoridation of the water, the matastasizing of nuclear power across the U.S., the first flu shot disaster under Jerry Ford, The first GM crops approved, the expansion of the genocidal vaccine schedule, depleted uranium weapons use against civilians, planetary geoengineering with aerosol spraying and HAARP, the corruption of the food chain, the air the oceans and the climate, The engineered destruction of the Gulf of Mexico by, reportedly, Goldman Sachs and BP and then the sabotage of Fukushima and the contamination of the whole northern hemisphere.
    I have been unable to write this off solely to human greed although that is taking an horrifying toll on humanity. There is something else at work here. Something even more frighteningly malevolent. Something we have been warned about for eons. Something I have come to believe is alien. A non-human agency which is dominating and directing human affairs in what appears increasingly like global genocide.

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