Robert Kennedy-Vaccine Coverups- fraudalent/junk science

Robert Kennedy: Plus Simpsonwood coverup, Government and Pharma are conspiring to keep Thimerosal in the vaccines

1 thought on “Robert Kennedy-Vaccine Coverups- fraudalent/junk science

  1. ralph

    For everything there is a source. This cancer of evil finds it’s source in the Talmud. The Talmudic Adherents swarmed into this Country one hundred years ago with the intention to occupy our Government and entire Country by the motto,we shall war by lies and deceptions. Today, mission accomplished.As a cancer is a malignant cell unlike the normal cell that comprised the healthy body so we have virtually every Corporation, Institution, Govt. and money system infected with Talmudism. The Adherents are a secrete army marching in lock step with each other and united as ONE. Might call that one the anti-Christ. Many but ONE. There next intent is to kill all the Christians and gentiles. They are behind the medical institutions and the flue shot. They are true to their motto. They are liars and deceivers. They own Hollywood. To be a good actor you have to be a good liar.

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