Dr. Paul G.King: “Anything but mercury” Has mercury (thimerosal) really been removed from vaccines?

“Before the 1980s, these medical conditions in children were either rare (e.g., asthma and obesity) or unknown (e.g., childhood type 2 diabetes1 and childhood Kawasaki’s syndrome”.

More than 50% of the available doses of the influenza vaccine produced by Sanofi, Novartis, CSL (Merck), and GlaxoSmthKline are still Thimerosal-preserved doses. In addition, in the developing countries DTP, Hib, HepB, DT, TT vaccines and combinations of these components are still Thimerosal-preserved.  It is continually claimed by the establishment that there is no link between the level of Thimerosal exposure and the risk of serious adverse reactions including death and permanent disability and chronic disease.  Supposed Thimerosal was removed from vaccines in the years 200, 2001, 2002 or some other year that is vague.  Prior to the late 1970s, early 1980s, before the increase in childhood mandated vaccines, 15 of which contained high levels of mercury, the current disorders that we are seeing now including juvenile diabetes,  Autism, ADHD, etc were virtually non-existent or rare. Download pdf…

Comment from founder VLA: The establishment and organizations like Autism Speaks (but they do not speak for us), say that they don’t know the cause of Autism. However (on the Charlie Rose show, May 14, 2012) the “experts” speculate and would have us believe that it could be the sperm of an older father that causes Autism.   Disregarding the fact that 80% of parents of Autistic children are of normal childbearing years, they focus on the 20% of older fathers.  In our opinion the 20% older fathers just simply rounds out the group to mean that all paternal age ranges share the same fate. Why don’t they say it is the 80% of “normal” paternal age that is causing Autism?  So, age of parent is not the “cause” of autism. Even a dummy can see that that argument that it might be older fathers is bogus.  It is as bogus as the establishment theory that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is caused by putting an infant on its tummy to sleep. Oh really?  Gee, the entire time humanity has been on earth parents have been putting their babies to sleep on their tummys.  How stupid does the establishment think we are?  Just because many sheeple believe that 911 was an attack from Al Queda and that the Pentagon was hit by a plane, yet there were no fuselage or wings on the ground, no luggage, no bodies and conveniently no video cameras were operating that day, doesn’t mean we will believe that putting our babies on their stomachs or copulating with an older man will doom our children to Autism and death.  Nah…it couldn’t be the vaccines! The experts on the Charlie Rose show never mentioned “vaccines”.  Funny, vaccines as cause of Autism Spectrum is one of hottest issues today coming from parents who are closely monitoring and telling of their own experiences but not a word, not one word of the possibility from the so called “experts”.

These SID babies, unfortunately are vaccine injured…they can’t lift their little heads up off the mattress due to inflammation- encephalitis, neurological adverse reaction, respiratory failure, seizures, caused by the vaccines they got 4- 10 days ago.  Oh, No, but it couldn’t be the vaccines, the holy grail of our medical lords.  Bogus as well is the establishment’s raison d’etre for  Shaken Baby Syndrome (SBS) – that parents are violently shaking their infants and causing contusions and massive capillary breakage behind the eyes- evidence used to convict the parents in criminal cases initiated by the hospitals where they seek help who in turn call the corrupted wormhole of Child Protective Services. Do they think we are stupid! Certainly the American Indians, in days gone by, who pushed their puppies out in the field and threw them onto their back in a papoose rig made out of branches and jiggled them up and down relentlessly while working in the fields didn’t have dead babies at the end of the day.  Today babies are dead from SBS because the vaccines inflamed their brains (encephalitis) and unfortunately, then with a little normal parental motion the fragile inflamed capillaries break. NO, IT COULDN’T BE THE VACCINES!

The interesting thing about the CDC “supposedly” taking Thimerosal out of childhood vaccines:  Congressman Burton (who had an Autistic grandchild from vaccine injury) and Congressman Dave Weldon, MD, sponsored legislation to force the CDC to remove Thimerosal from childhood vaccines.   The CDC chose eventually after years of resistance to reduce (or remove) Thimerosal from the  15 vaccines on the childhood vaccine schedule. They did this  their own steam without being forced by the passage of legislation-a very strategic move.

Since HHS/CDC were not legislated (forced by law) to remove Thimerosal from vaccines, they could put it back in any vaccine whenever they wanted and recommend it or mandate it…even inutero to pregnant women-like the Flu with mercury is today.   Since Thimerosal was supposedly removed from vaccines, flu shot is now recommended  1) inutero 2) at the age of 6 months, 7 months and every year thereafter…despite containing high mercury content.  The hot topic flu shot recommendation is a consequence of the faux pandemic, a world wide pandemic that was strategically created to put the flu shot (with mercury) on humanity’s map of “must do” or lose your job; be a medically neglectful parent; or lose your elderly care home license.  But let’s not mention the “V” word in our scientific discussions with experts on mass media channels.  Anything but Vaccines….anything but mercury in the vaccines!

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