1 thought on “IN YOUR FACE! FOX News: Vaccines cause Autism

  1. Dr. Michael

    Children are not born with a shortage of medications, such as vaccines. They are usually pretty perfect and healthy at birth. Western medical doctors, especially pediatricians are educated by pharmaceutical companies
    that children need vaccines to prevent disease. The American Pediatric Association recommends about 30 vaccinations by the time a child is three years old. Talk about ruining a perfectly healthy immune system! There is no justification for this besides profit for Big Pharma. The largest awards from lawsuits in the last 10 years have all been with pharmaceutical companies. You can not trust them! Wake up! There are no studies demonstrating the effectiveness of vaccines. It’s just hearsay. I have 3 children in there 20’s that never received any vaccinations, and they are healthy and happy, and were generally less troubled by colds and flus than there counterparts that were vaccinated. Please educate yourself about vaccinations and this means doing more than listening to what your pediatrician says.

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