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Heavy Metal Fans “Stand Up and Fight” Autism

VLA comment:

Heavy Metal bands spontaneously emerged out of the generation being injected with heavy metals (Mercury and Aluminum)​


Comments Normally don’t care for hard core screaming heavy metal… but this is really good. Mercury (both maternal-dental & vaccine) sent my daughter into a darker future. It injured her and decimated her immune system so the measles could infect her G.I. tract and god knows where else. I’ve been changing diapers FOR NINE YEARS!!!!!!!!

Comments: Great song and so true!! my son has autism and there is no doubt in our mind it was called by the thimerisol that was used in the vaccinations!the CDC is lying to us all and someday the truth will come to light. until then…..

Comments: Wow! And I never even knew! It’s a great song and video combination, thanks for telling us!

Comments: The song is great and I am sooo very happy that young people are starting to understant and want to fight against this crime,I belive the biggest crime of our century !-agains our own children !! Please make another song about it w/t even more statistic and more guilty faces showing!!!!!!!!!