Heavy Metal Fans “Stand Up and Fight” Autism

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Heavy Metal bands spontaneously emerged out of the generation being injected with heavy metals (Mercury and Aluminum)​


Comments Normally don’t care for hard core screaming heavy metal… but this is really good. Mercury (both maternal-dental & vaccine) sent my daughter into a darker future. It injured her and decimated her immune system so the measles could infect her G.I. tract and god knows where else. I’ve been changing diapers FOR NINE YEARS!!!!!!!!

Comments: Great song and so true!! my son has autism and there is no doubt in our mind it was called by the thimerisol that was used in the vaccinations!the CDC is lying to us all and someday the truth will come to light. until then…..

Comments: Wow! And I never even knew! It’s a great song and video combination, thanks for telling us!

Comments: The song is great and I am sooo very happy that young people are starting to understant and want to fight against this crime,I belive the biggest crime of our century !-agains our own children !! Please make another song about it w/t even more statistic and more guilty faces showing!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Matt

    I’m going to get out my crystal ball and make a prediction.
    One day in the near future pharmaceutical corporations and the lying government and private agencies that legitimize their murder and deforming of all people will come out and say something to the effect of this: “New evidence suggests that mercury in vaccines, while only in small, harmless amounts, may sometimes produce symptoms in people who are already immune compromised and so we have decided to discontinue the use of it. We have full confidence that vaccines are now perfectly safe for pregnant mothers, children of all ages and of course the elderly.”
    And people will believe it’s the mercury that caused all the problems. You and I need to be prepared for this day before it happens. You should know their transition has already begun away from mercury.
    It’s hugely important for folks to understand that mercury or no mercury, vaccines were never, aren’t now and will never be designed for the purpose of preventing disease. This was NEVER a part of their development. Vaccines are profit generators. They profit on the front end with the sale of the vaccine and then profit long term by the disease that is CREATED by the vaccines. They are only about making money and keeping people sick and easily controlled.
    There are hundreds of ways to prevent and cure ALL disease without pharmaceutical pills or injections of any kind. THIS is the truth at the heart of the debate, which few seem willing to get to.


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