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FOX NEWS: UPDATE on 15 year old locked away for almost a year by DCF.

For years Justina had been diagnosed mitochondrial disease, a relatively newly discovered disease, causing muscle pain and weakness. But her condition was made worse when she caught the flu in February. VLA comment: Mitachondria disorder appears to be an underlying condition in vaccine injury cases. How many vaccines has Justine gotten? Did she get a flu shot…many people come down with the flu after getting the flu shot. Did she get the Gardisal shots? Many kids are being diagnosed as mentally ill but are actually vaccine injured…ADD, ADHD, Bi Polar).

Yet almost immediately after admission, a different set of doctors came in with a different diagnosis, saying Justina had somatoform disorder, a mental problem, not mitochondrial disease. Why are some kids affected more than other? Check this out:What is making out kids psychotic?

When her parents, Lou and Linda, disagreed with the diagnosis and asked to discharge their daughter, security blocked the hospital doors.

Lou even called 911 and Boston Police showed up. But it was too late.

“They came in, and they said we cannot take Justina out of the hospital. They called DCF, and they filed a 51A,” says Linda Pelletier.

The 51A form allowed DCF to get custody of Justina. Read more…