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It was the Obamas that facilitated the Grooming of Children in elementary schools (TARGET & GLSEN)

In 2007, as The Gateway Pundit reported at the time, Barack Obama gave a speech to Planned Parenthood where he pushed teaching sex education to little kindergarteners.

The media mostly hid this from the American public. And Barack Obama was serious. He said he wanted to fundamentally change America and he did. In 2009 The Gateway Pundit did a series on Barack Obama’s Safe School’s Czar Kevin Jennings, who founded GLSEN. (Target has financially supported GLSEN for a decade)  Kevin Jennings was a member of the Obama administration pushing his agenda in schools. They claimed it was inclusive. TGP also reported on GLSEN’s promotion of dangerous sexual practices to children.

In 2009 The Gateway Pundit first reported on Obama’s shocking agenda of perversion for public schools through GLSEN.

1.) GLSEN conferences included dildo tips for children.


2.) GLSEN promoted several books as “suggested reading” including a book promoting S-and-M to children.
VLA comment: It was during the Michael and Barack Obama reign that transgenderism took purposefully hold and is destoying the morals of the entire western bloc.