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Father sentences to Life Without Parole for Shaken Baby Syndrome after baby gets 8 vaccines at once

father-and-child-384x300On January 15, 2014, Mr. John Sanders was sentenced to life in prison without parole for the murder of his 12 week-old baby daughter, Ja’Nayjah, who died just 24 days after receiving eight vaccinations in one day. Read more…

bildeMichigan newpaper article

VLA comment:  This man looks like he is in shock.  We have many independent scientific papers on Shaken Baby  Syndrome (SBS) to prove vaccines (which are noted to call inflammation of the brain and vessels) cause SBS and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  This trial is another blight against justice!  We would wish some legal angel would appear and take on an appeal.  We would provide as much help as we can via our experts in the subject of vaccines.