2 thoughts on “Vaccine Nation: Gary Null featuring Alan Yurko imprisioned for Shaken Baby

  1. Mindano Iha

    Bravo! This is excellent. It should certainly be widely spread to parents, doctors, nurses, pharmacists and health authorities, teaching institutions, the media – everywhere where vaccines are promoted.

    It should be included in the obligatory curriculum of all medical faculties worldwide. It is a most relevant basis for discussions and workshops.

    When parents are called in by pediatricians for “well visits” for their children (which in effect are vaccine pushing sessions), they should first send this video over and request that the medical staff study it before the visit.

  2. Tony Ryan

    In Australia, through our website page on health issues (oziz4oziz.com/), we have launched a consumer-led war against medical fraud and what is effectively genocide. As outraged consumers, who openly disclaim any medical or pharmaceutical knowledge or qualifications, we cannot be attacked by the AMA or pharmaceutical lobbyists. As consumers, we have an acknowledged right to protest. We break no law.

    We calculate that awareness will trickle upwards and eventually isolate the medical profession, politicians, and pharmaceutical corporation CEOs to the point that class actions will result in a great many punative actions; including charges of criminal negligence. Meanwhile, we will be calling for stiff prison sentences for politicians and experts who should reasonably have rung alarm bells, but failed to do so. We calculate that anticipation of culpability and subsequent punishment will precipitate a rapid and sudden ‘enlightenment’ by more alert elements of this sector, who will throng to join us in condemning their former colleagues.

    This is our anti-vaccination strategy, which will concomitantly extend to GM foods, food preservatives and food colours, animal antibiotics and growth hormones.

    We urge other concerned groups to monitor our progress for later emulation, if successful.

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