California baby dies after being vaccinated, cremated remains returned to parents


Passed away at 5 ½ months old, less than 2 days after receiving 8 vaccines in Oct, 2013. The mother writes this letter now Feb, 2015 because she doesn’t want to vaccinate her children any more…and these bills flying through the US to eliminate vaccine exemptions infuriates her…as it should.  Don’t be dis-empowered join THE GREATEST LIE CAMPAIGN MOBIL FLEET for your free Decals and Stickers

Parents in California are distraught after losing their infant son after being vaccinated. He died in his sleep and was taken to the hospital already deceased. Hospital staff ruled his death as sudden infant death syndrome. The couple was told an autopsy was required to be performed on their son.

After returning home, waiting to get an update, they never received one. Numerous phone calls were made to get answers. Weeks went by. Finally, they received verbal confirmation and told their son was best not to be seen prior to being cremated, because of the condition he was in. Once cremated, they could pick up the remains of their child from the crematory. They were not given the chance to say their goodbyes. Read her story…California Infant Dies after 8 Vaccines

1 thought on “California baby dies after being vaccinated, cremated remains returned to parents

  1. neeltje

    Hospital Horror!Nothing else to say then DISPICABLE!
    Years ago I worked in a hospital!
    Like the way they force parents to vaccinate,and “anti bioticated” their children!after they get sick from it!
    As well as the lower personell like nurses and cleaners in the hospital.
    When I think of myself at that time my collegue 44 died after a flu vaccin.and my
    Myelite a few years later after I saw some of tbe video’s on you tube can be linked on the poliomyelite vaccin I was forced to get at that time!

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