WOW! Oregon Senator sponsoring ending vaccine exemption CRUSHES HERSELF


When attorney Snee pointed out an article published in the American Academy of Family Physicians by the sponsor of bill, where she disagreed with her doctor and rejected his advice regarding a drug she was taking while breastfeeding her new born child, the hearing became quite interesting. The Oregon Senator and doctor who has sponsored this bill was sitting directly across from the attorney, and she became quite agitated. She basically argued that she had a right to make a “personal decision” for her and her baby based on her own research, which disagreed with the doctor who was a specialist in this area. She was angry at the attorney for bringing this matter up, but the attorney replied that he and other citizens of Oregon simply wanted the freedom to make the same medical decision for themselves.

Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D. – Preserve Medical Freedom – Vaccines Linked to Autism
2015-02-24 13:01:02-05

Dr. Paul Thomas, M.D. is a board-certified fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics who resides in Oregon. He took time out to attend the public hearing before the Oregon Senate Committee on Health Care, regarding Bill SB 442. This bill was written by Oregon State Senator and physician Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, and seeks to remove all philosophical and religious exemptions to vaccines in the State of Oregon. Dr. Paul stated that this bill, as it is written, is “a travesty.” He stated: “We need to protect our children and preserve the right for freedom of choice, and the right to give informed consent when your child is about to get a vaccine.” In testimony before the Senate Committee, Dr. Paul stated that he does not give every vaccine to every child in his practice, and as a result, he has over 1000 children in his practice over the age of 3, and NONE of them have autism. The rest of the country is seeing a rate of about one out of 50 children on the autism spectrum. He states that the “science is not settled” linking too many vaccines to autism, and that doctors like himself should not be coerced by bills like this one proposed in Oregon to give up the right to informed consent in regards to vaccines.

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VACCINE WAR IN AMERICA: Attempts to Legislate Mandatory Vaccines all Across the U.S.

2015-02-25 17:03:39-05

There is a raging civil war in America here at the beginning of 2015. It is a war against medical tyranny and the desire of government to take away individual liberties, rights to privacy, and the ability to choose to refuse medical treatments. The irrational fear gripping this country over a mere 100 cases of measles, a disease in which no one has died and would not even make the top 100 diseases currently affecting Americans, is being used as a justification to expand government intrusion into our private lives and grant broad new police powers. The National Vaccine Information Center brings us the latest legislative updates across the U.S. Please register at their Advocacy Portal to stay abreast of legislative battles in your own state, and follow their advice in this article on how you can take action to protect your Constitutional rights. If Americans do not resist and act now, the battle will be quickly lost.

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8 thoughts on “WOW! Oregon Senator sponsoring ending vaccine exemption CRUSHES HERSELF

  1. Matt

    It’s a shame we couldn’t have an attorney who could speak confidently, passionately and articulately, instead of reading poorly from his notes. That being said, the ignorance of this woman is breathtaking. I very much respect and agree with her decision to take her family’s health in her own responsible hands but her inability to understand everyone else deserves that right is amazing. This is the perfect example of how these “elected” authorities view us. Rules are for US, not THEM, and her brain is simply incapable of understanding it any other way. You can see the anger in her face when it’s suggested she did what she is trying to prevent the little people from doing. She’ll fight to the death to poison all of you so long as she has the right to do what she wants for her own.

  2. Editor Post author

    I could tell by the downturn of her lips, that she is taking anti depressants of some SSRI drug. That is probably what her doctor was telling her to stop taking when she was breast feeding. She has a sad face.

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  4. Caryn

    Vaccines : We are having our rights taken away. Everything Dr Paul said is right.
    Do not force vaccines on people.

  5. neeltje

    She says it herself breastfeeding is the best way to build the immuun system .
    I am not a specialist but ,if she speaks the thruth wich can be verified,no problem,only she should
    Realize that everyone on this planet should have the right to make their own decissions,you do
    not harm anyone by not wanting a vaccin,and parents are responsable for their children.
    After all no one wants their kids sick,or ill,when someone takes a decission he thinks first!(or she offcourse).

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