Graphic Evidence: Vaccines Didn’t Save Us!

Immunization Graphs – Natural Infectious Disease Declines

Shows major declines in life-threatening infectious disease occurred historically either without or far in advance of public immunization. See ALL GRAPHS…

See full presentation by Dr. Obomsawin…. When having discussions about the risks and benefits of vaccination, people will inevitably bring up the polio vaccine, “WHAT ABOUT THE POLIO VACCINE…MY UNCLE HAD POLIO!” Here is the real story behind the Polio vaccine….

3 thoughts on “Graphic Evidence: Vaccines Didn’t Save Us!

  1. kibitzer

    An excellent posting. I came across Dr. Archie Kalokerinos’s work with Aboriginal children in Australia whilst living Down Under in the mid- to late-90s, and it helped open my eyes to the seriousness of this subject.

    What could be keeping the medical profession from acknowledging this matter, of the clear downside to vaccines? I wondered. My research subsequently led me to the same concerns that VLA has: that there is a sinister agenda behind the procedure. This is not just a matter of professional hubris, or industrial profit. There are forces behind this whole thing who are bent on one thing, of a political nature: people control.

    Vaccines have been demonstrated to administer anti-fertility agents to young girls in developing countries. They can also affect – besides our children’s health, and putting them in a state of susceptibility to needing other products of the drug industry (now from the cradle to the grave) – our and our children’s ability to think clearly. Thus the idea of ‘herd immunity’ is really , in practice – as opposed to theory – one of herd control.

    VLA, in other parts of its web site, gets into spiritual matters. This present subject could as well fall under that category as well. For we are, here, talking about dark forces at work – forces trying to keep us from the understanding of our intrinsic spiritual natures, and thus keep us matter-bound. I, for one, am not interested in being anybody’s chattel.

    How prescient was Dr. Rudolph Steiner, in his lectures of the early 20th century…well done, Dr. Steiner. And well done, VLA, for bringing these matters to our attention.

  2. Mindanoiha

    Vaccines suppress immunity. They should be banned. It certainly is a grave mistake to give them to people in developing countries as they are likely to suffer from one or more diseases and malnourishment and have compromised immunity.
    Vaccines suppress immunity even further. They cause the immune system to switch to TH2-type cytokine production which inhibits immunity. Our major protection against virulent, deadly viruses and bacteria is the cellular immunity. Vaccines don’t stimulate cellular immunity at all, they suppress it.”
    Especially in developing countries people should be given access to clean water, good nutrition and living conditions. Their immunity will then gradually become stronger.

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