SCREAMING Autism: This is what it looks like!

ADD, ADHD is a lesser vaccine injury on the same spectrum (Autism Spectrum Diagnosis). This video is a peek at what having a child with autism is like. Sometimes they scream all day long, life long. Autism is skyrocketing. One in every 110 children have full blown autism. CDC denies that it is the mass vaccination program in which children get more than 39 vaccine jabs by the time they are six years old. But parents are convinced it is the vaccines. Too many toxins; too little nutrition to be able to excrete them. Parent comment – “It shows our girl during one of her episodes when she really looks like she’s having piercing pain inside her head.Protect them, don’t inject them. (SEE: EXEMPTION ROOM)

14 thoughts on “SCREAMING Autism: This is what it looks like!

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  3. claudia

    good lord this little child having an episode is exactly what happened to my son exactly the same soon after his mmr vaccinations he was like a wild child his head was hurting his screams piercing he was in pain he lost his speech totally for 17 months he was fitting every day for 9 months, one evening having 32 fits in 2 hours he was my first surviving child i miscarried my first, he is now 4 years old he has heart condition he has traits of autism he has been segregated and classed as having asd but was told we may never get to discover the diagnosis ! my son now talks after lots of encouragement he still has meltdowns but they are mini ones after school he still hand flaps his hands he is very inteligent but omg my heart is breaking at seeing this video ive been through it i cry when ever i see my sons own video …my message to the parents set boundaries encourage your child praise them its a long slow process but explain daily what the days routine is going to be and use visual aids charts stickers and rewards it will get better even if it did mean my husband and i virtually got so stressed we almost broke up. but we didnt we kept on we got drs to listen three years later were still having meetings and my son still gets very sick but i refused to give my son his mmr at 3 yrs old and he has inproved imencely i have a 14 month old daughter now and she will never have the vaccine and she is doing amazingly well x

  4. Joseph Prandota

    I think that the devastating screaming characteristic for children with autism may be caused by the increased intracranial pressure caused by neuroinflammation probably due to T. gondii infection.

    Joseph Prandota, MD, PhD
    Wroclaw Medical University
    Wroclaw, Poland

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  6. Crystal

    Just wondering if anyone has tried a detox with these children? The mercury in vaccines, billed as the preservative Themerisol, remains in tissue indefinitely unless there’s some sort of catalyst for cells to dump it along with an agent to bind it and escort it out of the body.

    I completely understand why the parents want to hold their child while they scream to protect them. I know some ausptistic people need squeezing to calm them down – Such as Temple Grandin – but does the pressure from holding these children somehow increase the pain or distress?

  7. ernest

    YES, detox is absolutely necessary. Do the following:

    1 month of magnesium therapy daily either tablet form using a good bio magnesium or bath with magnesium salts such as “Radox”
    continue with the above whilst administering hydrated bentonite clay – 3 glasses a day or bentonite clay baths – at least 20 minutes
    together with ALA-alpha Lipoic Acid (an amino acid)tablets as recomended on jar and
    L-cysteine tabs (amino acid) as recomended.
    DO NOT USE French green clay instead of Bentonite clay.the stuff is crap and will make things much worse.

  8. rupert delaware

    The symptoms are colon related.
    These children are heavily constipated.
    The irritation of their nervous system is due to irritation of their colon.
    The colon and digestive system is the extension of the brain and nervous system.
    Any pharmaceutical treatment creates more damage.
    The solution is to have the kid move his bowels in a regular basis.
    This can be only achieved by applying plant based foods for nutrition.
    Activity and plant based food.

  9. Editor Post author

    Yes, intercranial pressure and leaky gut. Some are finding big worms in the gut. The GAP diet does a lot to heal these kids…no casein, no gluten. Heals the leaky gut and make a big difference. Go to our Healing and Recovery room to find out what is working.

  10. Aja

    We went gluten & casein free in 1976. Our son had been screaming & had gut problems from Feb 1975 after the DPT vaccine. The night terrors & head banging stopped almost immediately. All 12 cranial nerves healed to some extent over the next years. Always on antibiotics every winter. Stopped all drugs in the early 80’s, never had anti convulsant drugs. supplements only. Poor prognosis defied by remaining reasonably healthy – never had another jab for anything at all, nor has he ever had a flu illness. He had rubella, chicken pox and mumps naturally as a toddler, no sequelae despite being a sicly (bit recovering) child. So he now has true immunity.

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