Robin Williams-DEATH BY PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, Gary Kohl, MD. (Cytochrome P450?)


DUTY TO WARN – Robin Williams by Gary Kohl, MD


“Within weeks after Williams’ discharge from Hazelden’s Rehabilitation facility in Lindstrom, MN, he hung himself in the bedroom of his San Francisco home where he was certainly suffering multiple side effects from his cocktail of drugs. He left no suicide note, but certainly his psychiatrists, psychologists and other staff members at Hazelden know exactly what Williams could have written on such a note. So far Hazelden is mum on what happened to Williams during July’s rehab stay. Some of Williams’ closest friends are claiming that the newly prescribed drugs were what killed him”   Read more…


Suicides and heinous homicides (mass shootings by young people) are concomitant with the rise of new psychiatric drugs like SSRIs.  But other drugs also cause suicidal ideations in those demographics that are non-metabolizers.  See this layman’s links on CYTOCHROME P450 and drug interactions.    Was Robin Williiams a poor metabolizer of the cocktail of drugs he recently received?  Did this supposedly reputable (and probably expensive) institution give him the available Cytochrome P450 test to establish his metabolism activity?  I doubt it…as it is not standard of care.  The knowledge of pharmacogenetics and drug interactions have been known for more than 15 years and yet this simple test is not standard of care and therefore physicians are not legally culpable. 

More egregious is that all levels of physicians prescribe psychiatric drugs with no compelled, basic or continuing education as to pharmacogenetics and the critical role Cytochrome P450 plays in detoxifying  the body from accumulating lethal doses of medicines (not only psyche drugs).

Today 25% of American children are put on psychiatric drugs by doctors who have no education in Pharmacogenetics and drug interactions.  The legal system, as well, disregards the fact that upward of 10% of Caucasians, for example, are non-metabolizers.  (That is they cannot detoxify the new drugs out of their system and they subsequently become psychotic).

10,000 American Toddlers are on psyche drugs. Read more…

An autopsy can still analyze Robin Williams’ drug interaction and metabolic status by a simple DNA test for Cytochrome P450.  The same can be done in the all the school shootings.  James Holmes, Jerod Loughner, Haskell, are still alive and can be tested in relationship to the drugs they were taking.  If the drugs were counter indicated due to a lack of activity of the Cytochrome P450 and its various alleles, then attorneys could argue that these mass murders were induced to psychosis by the physicians and that they were, in fact, INVOLUNTARILY INTOXICATED.  However, when VLA brought this opportunity to the Defense Attorneys and Judges, there was no response.

Hemp and Biowastes: Better than Graphene!

_76912486_hempfieldthinkstock _76912488_hempfibressplThe waste fibres from hemp crops can be transformed into high-performance energy storage devices, scientists say.

They “cooked” cannabis bark into carbon nanosheets and built supercapacitors “on a par with or better than graphene” – the industry gold standard. Read more…

VLA comment:  Iowa and other agricultural states are too busy with Monsanto’s GMO corn and soy and their national directive to be the global supplier of hogs and GMO feed.  In Fairfield, Iowa, a new granary is going up that attaches to Warren Buffet’s BSNF railway and will send 20 million bushels of GMO corn to Texas, Mexico and then the Asian Pacific through the TransPacificPartnership.  Although folk don’t think the TPP is a done deal…think again as infrastructure is being put in place.  However, we suspect that China will have the last laugh on the USA when they pull the plug.

Wisconsin Mom: Did HPV Vaccine Kill my 12 year old daughter?

Wisconsin mom: ‘Did HPV vaccine kill my 12-year-old daughter?’

Meredith Prohaska, of Waukesha, had a sore throat on the morning of July 30. Her mom took her to the doctor. During that visit, she was given the HPV vaccine, which guards against the common sexually transmitted virus that may cause cervical cancer.

About 30 minutes later, on the way home, Meredith became sleepy, her mom said. The girl napped most of the afternoon.

Rebecca Prohaska went out for food and returned to find Meredith on the floor, with purple lips and no pulse.

Read more:

Read excellent commentary on why the establishment keeps on pushing this deadly vaccine on

Wisconsin sisters say HPV vaccine caused ovaries to stop producing eggs

Read more…
Wisconsin sisters say HPV vaccine caused ovaries to stop producing eggs
Madelyne Meylor, 20, and Olivia Meylor, 19, have filed a federal claim, saying they believe the Gardasil vaccine caused their condition. The Meylors say they have had premature menopause, marked by insomnia, night sweats and headaches, and most likely won’t be able to get pregnant.

Childhood DTP/ DTaP Vaccine Not To Be Trusted (Christina England)


“Because diphtheria and tetanus toxoids pertussis (DTP) vaccine is routinely given during the period of highest incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), this study was undertaken to determine if there is a temporal association between DTP immunization and SIDS. Parents of 145 SIDS victims who died in Los Angeles County between January 1, 1979, and August 23, 1980, were contacted and interviewed regarding their child’s recent immunization history. Fifty-three had received a DTP immunization. Of these 53, 27 had received a DTP immunization within 28 days of death. Six SIDS deaths occurred within 24 hours and 17 occurred within 1 week of DTP immunization.” [4]

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VLA comment: What about the TDap given inutero to pregnant women?

Canadian Coast HORROR ” Pacific Ocean Now Dead From Fukushima Radiation

“The entire 200 kilometers we checked of Canadian Pacific Coast Line was devoid of all life , recovery is highly unlikely” .

Local diver does the job that the government should…documenting the devastation on the coast of Canada! No insects, 4 species of life left instead of the teaming variety of life forms flouring three years ago.

VLA Comment: It is long but skip through and see that the Canadian Coast is void of lifeforms.

Advise to Physicians: Stop giving unwarranted tests! CHOOSE WISELY!

portrait_Alan_Cassels_200px“Choosing Wisely” was created in the US by the ABIM Foundation (American Board of Internal Medicine) recognizing that the concept of “too much medicine” is starting to go mainstream and that even consumers are demanding that medical specialties start assessing which services they deliver that could be deemed potentially useless, unnecessary or harmful.


1. Don’t order annual physicals for healthy people. The ritual of patients showing up every year for an ‘annual checkup’ when already feeling perfectly healthy isn’t proven to contribute to the quality and length of patients’ lives. Sorry, at the same time, patients should see their doctor to get any symptom, worry or concern immediately checked out. Our docs are there to help determine what might be wrong and provide some signposts on how to fix things.

2. Don’t give statins (cholesterol-lowering drugs) to anyone unless the person can prove they have heart disease, understands the low possibility of benefit, has read a comprehensive list of statin-related adverse effects and begs politely for a script, using the term “pretty please with sugar on top.”

3. Don’t routinely offer a PSA test to otherwise symptomless, healthy men. Which is to say, stop offering a prostate screening test that is statistically more likely to ruin a healthy man’s life than save it.

4. Don’t routinely push women to get their mammograms done. The main exceptions here are women who have a strong family, genetic or personal history of breast cancer and who have read and understood fully the evidence around mammography and their chances of having a false positive, false negative or an unnecessary biopsy.

5. Don’t offer anyone – no woman, man or beast – a bone density test. This test will only add anxiety and fear to a person’s list of woes. It won’t prove anything and it won’t help anyone except by adding revenues to osteoporosis drug makers and companies that make and operate bone density test machines. Read more…

Pediatrician PROPAGANDA: Establishment “script” to convince parents to vaccinate



Talking points created by the vaccine industry to help pediatricians convince parents that vaccination is a must.  The establishment is so panicky that they are referencing Aristotle’s  debate points in order to convince parents of the benefits of  vaccines.


Scientists Link Aluminum in Deodorant & Vaccines As Cause Breast Cancer and Altzheimers


Scientists Link the Use of Aluminum to Breast Cancer, Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease

In November 2013, three of the world’s leading scientists, Philippa D. Darbre, Ferdinando Mannello, and Christopher Exley, conducted a study to examine whether or not exposure to high levels of aluminum could lead to breast cancer.

The results of the study supported their theory that continual use of under-arm antiperspirants containing the ingredient aluminum salts could, in some cases, lead to breast cancer, and further studies were recommended.  Read more…