Pharmagedon: Big Coverup: What is 2D6? Making our kids & soldiers psychotic!

The epidemic of  ADHD, ADD, OCD, Bipolar, Autism, encephalitis, narcolepsy is caused by the inordinate amount of vaccinations that are forced on children by our government in order to get into school.   To compensate or mitigate the effects of the vaccine injury, mis-nomered as “mental illness” psyche drugs are given out like candy.  25 […]

Alert Pregnant Mothers on anti-psychotics: Risk to your unborn child

Alert Pregnant mothers: Risk to your unborn child if you are taking Depakote or any other anti-psychotic or anti-depressant. . See: Mayo clinic list of drugs causing deformities to the unborn… If you are expecting a child and are taking Depakote, there is a serious risk of your child developing spina bifida. Depakote (Valproic acid,) […]

Pregnant women on psyche drugs are having deformed babies

The Obamacare bill funds further research into the epidemic of babies being born to mothers who are on psyche drugs.  In the 1980-2004 kids were getting a maximum amount of vaccines, at least 15 containing the neurotoxin, mercury (Thimerosal).These girls were misdiagnosed as ADD, ADHD, OCD, BiPolar, depressed and put on drugs like Ritalin and […]