Pharmagedon: Big Coverup: What is 2D6? Making our kids & soldiers psychotic!

The epidemic of  ADHD, ADD, OCD, Bipolar, Autism, encephalitis, narcolepsy is caused by the inordinate amount of vaccinations that are forced on children by our government in order to get into school.   To compensate or mitigate the effects of the vaccine injury, mis-nomered as “mental illness” psyche drugs are given out like candy.  25 % of all American children are on psyche drugs.

Suicide is the third leading cause of deaths for youths…Read more… is a collection of over 5,000 stories that have appeared in the media (newspapers, TV, scientific journals) in which prescription drugs were mentioned and in which the drugs may be linked to a variety of adverse outcomes including violence.5000 Suicides & Murders. Access list

Bogus pharma establishment  Study studies 37,000 kids newly prescribed medication and suicide rates.  Clearly none of these kids were tested for Cytochrome P450 2D6 metabolic rates, although the opportunity is still there for the ones who did not complete the suicide attempt. Testing for Cytochrome P450 2D6 can be a little as $175.00 but it is not “standard of care”.

The National Coalition of Organized Women uncovered one of the most egregious Pharmacuetical cover-ups in modern psyche history. The information that would have averted the school shootings, the homicides, the overdoses, the bizarre epidemic of mentally ill in recent years has been available for circa 15 years since gene mapping.   Cytochrome P450 2D6 was discovered as the major metabolic pathway that detoxifies 50% of all psyche drugs and street drugs.  However, 7-10% of Caucasians, for example, due to genetic variation do not have sufficient activity of this gene to detoxify their bodies from these modern drugs. They are labeled poor or non-metabolizers due to a deletion or non-activity of the 2D6 pathway. There are a percentage of Asians, African Americans and Hispanics who are also poor metabolizers.  When certain drugs (list on link) are prescribed to these individuals, due to their inability to metabolize, these people become psychotic, homicidal, suicidal, a danger to themselves and society.

There are other pathways on Cytochrome P459 such as Cyt 3A4 implicated in the psychosis reports of soldiers on Larium, a malaria drug.  Another example:  Marijuana (Cannibals) is a powerful inhibitor of cytochrome P450 isozymes 3A4, 2C19, and 2D6. This is not a defect.  It is a genetic variation, that’s all.  Ethiopians and Tanzanian Afrikans who traditional have had poor soil to grow food have been consuming a lot of weeds (medicine weeds), they have evolved generational to multiply their Cytochrome 2D6.  These people are “rapid metabolizers”.

It is a very simple test: Swap the mouth, teeth and gums with 2 sterile swabs (looks like q-tips) and send to our lab contact in Australia.  Contact: for lab details. Price: $175.00.  Bottom line, perhaps these kids who are most affected by vaccines are poor metabolizers and can’t rid themselves of the toxins in vaccines.  Perhaps 45 shots by the time the kid is six years old is asking too much!  Contact us for cytochrome testing:

Links below:

You know those kids who are shooting each other and mothers who drown their kids in the bath tub? Check out this most egregious cover up in the history of modern psychiatry. Dr. Lucire elucidates –  Dr. Yolande Lucire’s recently published study. Her study  published in the summer of 2011 is not only a academic victory but the perpetrators speak of their experiences  on how they were moved to kill their loved ones while on or coming off of psyche drugs.

This information, now highlighted by Dr. Lucire has been heretofore suppressed by the stakeholder.  The justice system in the USA has not realized the implication in law. (See personalized Justice/Personalize Medicine).  These drugs force the patient who is a poor or non-metabolizer into heinous acts against themselves and society. And who and what  is really complicit when a crime is committed?  The manufacturer who “failed to warn”?; the physician who “failed to warn” and who did not do the simple genetic test?  Read Dr. Lucire’s study.  She removed her subjects from the drugs and they  regained their normal mental function.  It was the drugs. There is a test to prove it! However, the attorneys of several high profile cases such as Adam Lanza, Jerod Loughner, James Holmes were contacted and did not respond.

Dr. Yolande Lucire’s recently published study

list of the drugs that need 2D6 pathway to metabolize

Laymen’s Synopis

Mayo Clinic Report on 2D6

Psychosis reports of soldiers on Malaria Drugs

Comprehensive Article by Brandon Turberville

Dr. Mercola on Cytochrome P450 2D6

Autism is associated with precocious puberty.  Boys are 4X more likely to get Autism. Guess what else is regulated by Cytochrome P450 besides glutathione?

Personalized Justice/Personalize Medicine

Do you want the simple 2D6 gene test?  Contact us at

19 thoughts on “Pharmagedon: Big Coverup: What is 2D6? Making our kids & soldiers psychotic!

  1. Jan Lewis

    My husband is currently on remand for breach of a DVO and possession of weapons. He has been on various forms of opiates over the last 3 years for a genuine medical reason. Since the moment he started taking them his behaviour changed, he became cognitivley impaired, his reasoning and logic just went out the door, it was like the consequential thinking switch in his brain turned off. He became agressive, paranoid, delusional however that was just the opiates, which the main one was Oxycontin. Everynow and then the doctors would also put him on Benzo’s, either serapax or xanax, then he would have what we now know is a paradoxial reaction on top of the already changed behaviour from the Oxy. I tried going to see his GP’s by myself o explain my concerns about what the medication was doing but noone listen t me and just had an open script for him, He also went just 6 weeks prior to the incident that landed him in jail to QLD Menatl health, he was in a lucid state and was able to comprehend and asked for an intervention plan to keep me and the kids safe…they sent aletter telling him to go to a pain psychologist, this is despite him telling them he was suicidal in these episodes and had the ability to harm me and the kids, and I informed them of his hallucinations and bizarre behaviour, they were also informed he was seeing a pain psychaitrist. He told his GP to never prescribe him oxy again, so the Gp there and thn wrote a script for him for 100 2mg Xanax with 2 repeats……He lost it, went to see his cousin who just happens to be in a bikie gang, got hold of a gun but no bullets, also got hold of some Meth, was trying to source bullets so he could kill himself, when he had the hallucination that i was going to kill him so he tried to choke me to death….and he is now in prison and a family is destroyed as noone listened to the patient or his family. The funny thing is, he has been in there for 6 weeks and his pain has improved dramatically as the oxycontin was infact increasing his pain not decreasing it and noone listened to the symptons he was presenting….Genetic testing should be mandatory before long term use….

  2. hyips

    Thanks for sharing Pharmagedon: Big Coverup: What is 2D6? Making our kids psychotic! : Vaccine Liberation Army with us keep update bro love your article about Pharmagedon: Big Coverup: What is 2D6? Making our kids psychotic! : Vaccine Liberation Army .

  3. Jenny Goddard

    I can comment to Jan Lewis about xanax, I was a young mother just 28 years old when I came close to a nervious breakdown, I stated getting feelings of anxiety (this was 20 years ago) beacuse I was lIving under very stressful conditions with no moral support from my husband.
    Panic attacks started to occur, so after seeing my doctor, was given xanax and Tranexine,I had no idea what was going on with my body, my doctor just said I needed to take these pills.
    I took them and became a walking Zombie, in fact I was so hooked, that I was still taking them 8 years later, unable to drop down the dose because of very frightning symptoms. The GP never once educated me, on what was happening, he just said I had an irregular heart beat (utter rubbish)
    I went to the doctor to explain the problem, and he became angry that I even considered stopping the pills, he said “I would need them for life” I asked if they were addictive, and he said “not at all”
    I refused to take this as possible, and reduced the dose over a few weeks and then simply stopped.
    All was fine for 5 weeks!]
    Then, I felt I was hit by something from the heavens, I thought at the time like chicken licken, the sky was falling in.
    I started with massive panic attacks, that went on day in day out for over four years, I could not function like a normal person, it was a thousand times worse than the orginal problem.
    Life was totally put on hold, I could not go out, or shop, or drive my car, I was totally fearful of waking up in the morning.
    It was only after buying a book by Dr Clare Weeks, called self help for your nerves, that I totally understood what was happening, and begain to work toward recovery.
    I have never taken any pill since, I no longer trust doctors for the most part, who work for the pharmacutical industry, in fact, I became a qualified Holistic practitioner and work toward educating people of alternative ways to overcome life issues.This is just the tip of the iceburg, people of all ages are on “drugs for life” including Statins, Blood pressure pills,blood thinners, in fact, nothing cures, just keeps you a patient for the rest of your life….

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  6. Judith M.L. Day

    It is about time that more emphasis is placed on this concept of individual drug sensitivities. I had my career and credibility destroyed due to having a neurotoxic psychotic reaction to Gravaol, Trinalin and Prozac. It changed my life forever as I was diagnosed with a mental illness bipolar disorder, and because I could not tolerate the drugs that were prescribed, as I was highly sensitive to Lithium and epival, I was reduced to an invalid before I took my life in my own hands,discontinued Epival and started my long journey back to a helthy life, without drugs. I have been fifteen years now drug free….
    I have written my nightmare of three years in a book called Judging Judi. I hope you look it up on Lulu publishing. I wrote this book to try to help others not to get into the psychiatric trap as it is very difficult to get out once you are in..

  7. Kathy

    I clicked the list and nothing appeared.
    Please send me the list.

    What is going on in the photo of the woman and her(?) brain?
    Please explain. Is it a real photo?

    Bless us all,

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  10. CNA

    Generally I do not learn article on blogs, but I wish to say that this write-up very compelled me to try and do so!
    Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, very nice post.

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  13. Vicky Sigworth

    My eldest son David began psychiatric problems after taking Lariam in 1996 at 16 yrs old while on a mission trip to India. After several visits to the psych ward, some success w/ OCD drugs like luvox, he did well enough to begin college, but had a bad reaction to the MENINGITIS vaccine, which attacked his thyroid, dumping all his thyroxin into his bloodstream while he was on another misison trip to the Philippines just before starting school.

    Fortunately an intern in the psych ward discovered the thyroid mess, but it still made him crazy until the thyroxin wore off, leaving him with a dysfunctinoal thyroid (so now he’s on synthroid), and the psychiatrist was still convinced he was bipolar.

    After going through all sorts of antipsychotics, he was doing much better until he was given plaquenil for lyme disease two months ago. That artificial quinine medicine, just like the lariam/mefloquine again sent him to the hospital with increasingly violent, agressive and hallucinatory symptoms.

    What do you know about plaquenil and the meningitis vaccine? Apparently the meningitis vaccine has attacked the thyroid of at lest 4 young people we or our doctor know just in Connecticut, often affecting those with asthma or learning disabilities.


    Vicky Sigworth

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