School Shootings: All on Antipsychotics

Homicide is an outer action based on “blaming other”. But what FOX news doesn’t cover is all the youth SUICIDES.
Suicide is an “inner directed” action based on blaming oneself or at least resisting the urge to commit homicide. Why do some kill and others don’t? See the industries dirty secret!

Dr. Mercola videos and article…

Soldier Suicides: More Suicides Than War Deaths

1 thought on “School Shootings: All on Antipsychotics

  1. Jim

    Ever wake up after having a bizarre dream and glad that it was not true? We all have had dreams like this. When dreaming, one’s personal constitution that regulates personal behavior is suspended. Under the influence of psychotropic drugs, one is essentially living in an unreal dream world where right and wrong is altered–scary situation indeed.

    Avoid all drugs–there are few conditions indeed that cannot be effectively treated via alternative medicine–and without dangerous side-effects.

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