False Accusations of Child Abuse (including Shaking Baby Syndrome)

Christina England

Read story of Amanda whose father is serving a life sentence in prison

The maker of this video, Christina England is a UK journalist and an author with a Higher National Diploma in Journalism and Media. She is studying for a BA Hons degree in English Literature and Humanities.

Christina’s main area of expertise is in researching the areas surrounding false allegations of child abuse particularly where a child has suffered a vaccine injury. Her work is now read internationally and has been translated into many languages. Christina has been on many radio shows and she speaks at seminars worldwide. Christina is the mother of two adult sons both with ASD and complex learning and behaviour problems. She is co-author of Shaken Baby Syndrome or Vaccine Induced Encephalitis – Are Parents Being Falsely Accused? Email Christina: christina.england@btinternet.com

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2 thoughts on “False Accusations of Child Abuse (including Shaking Baby Syndrome)

  1. Tonya

    I’m so glad to see the coverage this video is getting. The word really needs to get out that there are too many cases where the diagnosis was invalidated due to misdiagnosis or outright false accusations.

  2. cynthia smith

    This happens in the US as well. It doesn’t have to be a reason, just accusations. They don’t need or demand proof. they just do it. The people in the system that rapes families of their children should be held accountable and prosocuted.
    If any one finds thems selves dealing with any system, my advise to you is to VIDEO tape every thing, Audio TAPE every thing. You have to put the system on trail and show they have an agenda to meet and they DO NOT have the childrens best interest at hand. Alot of times its about money. The more in the system, the more money the system gets.

    You must follow the path of distruction and those who create it, Once you turn the table and put them in the HOT seat, they will back off. They don’t like to be EXPOSED…..I could write a horror story on the proof I have on the system where I live and it would shock you, including putting a girl in a non foster care home with 5 sons, an acholic grandfather, a dad and the only female was the mother who they gave custodey to illegally. Thats just a small part of distruction.


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