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CUT, POISON, BURN: The Story Of A Family’s Fight With FDA over Cancer treatment for child

If you haven’t seen this yet…A Film EXPOSING the American Cancer Society includes interviews with Medical Freedom greats – Burzynski,  Whitaker, G. Edward Griffith, Jonathan Emord, Berkley Bidell, Congressman Burton and others. Watch documentary…

This 2011 documentary is for anyone who cares to become aware of the collusion amongst the cancer industry, pharmacuetical industry, American Cancer Society and government..the Medical tyranny- the denial of our God given rights to choose our own medical treatments.  Under the law,  being forced (emphasis added) to have FDA endorsed treatments –  deadly and ineffective chemo therapy – invading every cell of our body  –  forced under the threat of imprisonment – and in the case of children-under the threat of Child Protective Services accusing us of medical neglect and taking away our children.

The Story Of A Family’s Fight With FDA To Use Alternative Medicine 

To Save Their Young Child With Cancer

I watched the entire movie. Deeply moving. I cannot believe this injustice 

exists in a supposedly free country...Barbara Frank  Watch Cut, Poison, Burn

Watch Dr. Burzynski’s riveting documentary on his victory fight with the FDA


Children paralyzed and 106 extremely sick due to Afrikan Meningitis Vaccine (2012)

african-children-paralyzed-300x199500 children were vaccinated with Meningitis vaccine in Africa, 106 fall extremely sick, 38 have been left paralyzed. Now at last it has been confirmed by the government but they say it was NOT THE VACCINE!  Read more…

The Plight of the Tibu Children and the Chad Vaccination Case

Read the audacious position of WHO and the criminal establishment:   Minister N’Gawara made a second public statement on January 21, 2013, and even put one on top, whereby – referring to the physically sick children – he basically declared: ‘It’s all in their head!’  the media picked up the blurb of the minister. On  January 22, 2013 the headline: “Chad says no link between sick kids and meningitis shot!” to backtrack as well as to sink and bury the story.  read the details and letter from parents of the Tibu children of Chad and another cover up by the vaccine proponents.


Flu virus: Bird flu virus H5N1 experiments can wipe out sigificant portion of humanity 1/26/13


Scientists last night ended a voluntary ban on creating mutant forms of bird flu, despite warnings that an accidental release could kill millions of people.

Research into H5N1 transmission stopped a year ago amid fears information about how to create potentially dangerous viruses could be used for bioterrorism.  Read more:

MMR Italy: Judge award Autism family-Autism linked to the MMR vaccine


MMR: A mother’s victory. The vast majority of doctors say there is no link between the triple jab and autism, but could an Italian court case reignite this controversial debate?

  • Landmark ruling in an Italian court has said Valentino Bocca’s autism was provoked by the MMR jab he had at aged nine months

Read more:

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vaccines-babies-gsk-300x225Written and overseen by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D.

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Whooping cough: Vermont: 612 cases. 90% are vaccinated children

whooping-cough-285x200 Vermont has declared a statewide epidemic of whooping cough that started in 2012 and has continued into the year 2013. To date there has been a total of 612 confirmed cases of pertussis of which 90% have been vaccinated against the bacteria with the Tdap vaccine. The New England Journal of Medicine released a study that parallels this outbreak showing that of the confirmed cases of whooping cough the majored of them, 80%, had received multiple Tdap vaccinations most receiving 5 or 6 doses. The mainstream media have decided the only way to prevent the spread of the bacteria is to have everyone get their vaccinations refusing to acknowledge the overwhelming connection between vaccinated patients and outbreak victims.  Read more…and watch video

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