CUT, POISON, BURN: The Story Of A Family’s Fight With FDA over Cancer treatment for child

If you haven’t seen this yet…A Film EXPOSING the American Cancer Society includes interviews with Medical Freedom greats – Burzynski,  Whitaker, G. Edward Griffith, Jonathan Emord, Berkley Bidell, Congressman Burton and others. Watch documentary…

This 2011 documentary is for anyone who cares to become aware of the collusion amongst the cancer industry, pharmacuetical industry, American Cancer Society and government..the Medical tyranny- the denial of our God given rights to choose our own medical treatments.  Under the law,  being forced (emphasis added) to have FDA endorsed treatments –  deadly and ineffective chemo therapy – invading every cell of our body  –  forced under the threat of imprisonment – and in the case of children-under the threat of Child Protective Services accusing us of medical neglect and taking away our children.

The Story Of A Family’s Fight With FDA To Use Alternative Medicine 

To Save Their Young Child With Cancer

I watched the entire movie. Deeply moving. I cannot believe this injustice 

exists in a supposedly free country...Barbara Frank  Watch Cut, Poison, Burn

Watch Dr. Burzynski’s riveting documentary on his victory fight with the FDA


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