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Children paralyzed and 106 extremely sick due to Afrikan Meningitis Vaccine (2012)

african-children-paralyzed-300x199500 children were vaccinated with Meningitis vaccine in Africa, 106 fall extremely sick, 38 have been left paralyzed. Now at last it has been confirmed by the government but they say it was NOT THE VACCINE!  Read more…


The Plight of the Tibu Children and the Chad Vaccination Case

Read the audacious position of WHO and the criminal establishment:   Minister N’Gawara made a second public statement on January 21, 2013, and even put one on top, whereby – referring to the physically sick children – he basically declared: ‘It’s all in their head!’  the media picked up the blurb of the minister. On  January 22, 2013 the headline: “Chad says no link between sick kids and meningitis shot!” to backtrack as well as to sink and bury the story.  read the details and letter from parents of the Tibu children of Chad and another cover up by the vaccine proponents.