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Lyme Disease Cure: The Bee Bus Mission

VLA Comment:
I (the founder of VLA) cured Lyme disease about 8 years ago with the Salt/C protocol. This summer, either I had a relapse; or I acidified my body by drinking coffee; or I got bit again. In any case I had begun to think that because G-d loves me, that the solution was that a cure was found soon. It is interesting to note that a few years ago, in Peru, I donated $7,000 to a young man who needed financing to save the bees in the forest of Peru. I am not surprised that the cure has come to me from my fellow creatures…the bees. I will be trying this in March. I will let you know. In the meantime check it out yourself. Watch for the Bee bus!

American Academy of Pediatrics (jan.2016) PRESS RELEASE: WARNING HPV VACCINE


EXCERPTS:  It has recently come to the attention of the College that one of the recommended vaccines could possibly be associated with the very rare but serious condition of premature ovarian failure (POF), also known as premature menopause.

Many adolescent females are vaccinated with influenza, meningococcal, and tetanus vaccines without getting Gardasil®, and yet only 5.6% of reports related to ovarian dysfunction since 2006 are associated with such vaccines in the absence of simultaneous Gardasil® administration. The overwhelming majority (76%) of VAERS reports since 2006 with ovarian failure, premature menopause, and/or amenorrhea are associated solely with Gardasil®.


Dangers of Vitamin K shot for newborns


The vitamin K administered by hospitals to newborns is the synthetic phytonadione.

Toxic ingredients accompanying the Vitamin K

  • The vitamin K injections administered by hospitals and manufactured by Merck and Roche and Abbott contain benzyl alcohol as a preservative. The 1989 PDR states that, “there is no evidence to suggest that the small amount of benzyl alcohol contained in AquaMEPHYTON (Merck’s vitamin K injection product), when used as recommended, is associated with toxicity.” Interestingly, in November 1988, the French medical journal, Dev Pharmacol Ther, published a paper regarding benzyl alcohol metabolism and elimination in babies. The report stated that “…we cannot directly answer the issue of safety of ‘low doses’ of benzyl alcohol as found in some medications administered to neonates. This study confirms the immaturity of the benzoic acid detoxification process in premature newborns.”
  • Roche’s vitamin K product KONAKION contains ingredients such as phenol (carbolic acid-a poisonous substance distilled from coal tar), propylene glycol (derived from petroleum and used as an antifreeze and in hydraulic brake fluid) and acetic acid (an astringent antimicrobial agent that may drastically reduce the amount of natural vitamin K that would have otherwise been produced in the digestive tract). As reported in the PDR and as published in the IM vitamin K packet inserts for Merck, Roche and Abbott, “Studies of carcinogenicity, mutagenesis or impairment of fertility have not been conducted with Vitamin K1 Injection (Phytonadione Injection, USP).”
  • The Vitamin K injection can be in a base of polyethoxylated castor oil.
  • Vitamin K injections also contain hydrochloric acid and lecithin.

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Severe reactions, including fatalities, have occurred during and immediately after INTRAVENOUSinjection of phytonadione, even when precautions have been taken to dilute the phytonadione and to avoid rapid infusion. Severe reactions, including fatalities, have also been reported following INTRAMUSCULAR administration. Typically these severe reactions have resembled hypersensitivityor anaphylaxis, including shock and cardiac and/or respiratory arrest. Some patients have exhibited these severe reactions on receiving phytonadione for the first time. Therefore the INTRAVENOUS andINTRAMUSCULAR routes should be restricted to those situations where the subcutaneous route is notfeasible and the serious risk involved is considered justified.

WARNING: This product contains aluminum that may be toxic.

Aluminum may reach toxic levels with prolonged parenteral administration if kidney function is impaired. Premature neonates are particularly at risk because their kidneys are immature, and they required large amounts of calcium and phosphate solutions, which contain aluminum.
Research indicates that patients with impaired kidney function, including premature neonates,
who receive parenteral levels of aluminum at greater than 4 to 5 mcg/kg/day accumulate aluminum at levels associated with central nervous system and bone toxicity. Tissue loading may occur ateven lower rates of administration.  PDF PACKAGE INSERT HOSPIRA


A number of substances commonly administered intravenously, including calcium and phosphorus salts and albumin, have high levels of aluminum. Premature infants receiving intravenous fluid therapy may accumulate aluminum and show evidence of aluminum toxicity. Efforts are being made to reduce the levels of aluminum in products added to intravenous solutions; these efforts must continue.

Some infant formulas may contain relatively high concentrations of aluminum. The reported concentrations of aluminum in soy formulas and premature infant formulas are higher than those in other infant formulas.  READ MORE…

Severe reactions, including fatalities, have also been reported following INTRAMUSCULAR administration. Typically these severe reactions have resembled hypersensitivity or anaphylaxis, including shock and cardiac and/or respiratory arrest.

“Warning” Benzyl alcohol as a preservative in Bacteriostatic Sodium Chloride Injection has been associated with toxicity in newborns. […] Benzyl alcohol has been reported to be associated with a fatal “Gasping Syndrome” in premature infants.

VLA COMMENT:  Benzyl alcohol dose-dependently inhibits cytochrome P450 activities. Correlating


New* Educational Draft: Feds announce they will bring up your children

Breaking through our private idea that kids belong solely to their parents,
Dept. HHS published a draft document that outlines a plan that will treat families as “equal partners” in the raising of their children.  READ HHS PDF DRAFT

Document states paraphrase from Infowar video:

  1. Systematically embedding effective family engagement practices where children will be seen as assets.

  2. Value equal partnership between professionals and families

  3. Value equal partnership between professionals and families (VLA note:  vaccines & forced medical treatments, including psyche drugs)

  4. Ensure constant monitoring

  5. Govt. employees will intervene to provide monitoring goals

    Interventions will be made if parents don’t comply

  6. Home visits…periodic home visits

Also pushing for a program to screen all children over 12 to screen for depression, etc.

From Document itself:

“We refer to “family engagement” as the systematic inclusion of families as partners in children’s development, learning, and wellness. Engagement is enabled by positive relationships between families and staff in the institutions where children learn. The goal of family engagement is to support family wellness and children’s learning and development”


Note from Dr. Meryl Nass:

And the 21st Century Cures Act, passed by the House in 2015 and pending in the Senate, will require CDC/ACIP (CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices) to rapidly consider for addition to there recommended list of vaccines every newly licensed vaccine. Many states automatically require every CDC-ACIP listed vaccine in order to attend school. This is one way the federal government manages to insert itself into our healthcare, an area legally excluded from federal control by the 10th Amendment to the Constitution:

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people”.

Last spring, in the blink of an eye, a sprinkling of measles grew a bumper crop of legislation in states throughout the US, informing parents the state would no longer educate their children, unless they let the state doctor them, as well.

According to FOX News analyst (and retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge) Andrew Napolitano, if you don’t give your children all state-mandated vaccines, the state can take your children from you, and the state–New Jersey–will educate them, doctor them and raise them for you:

New Jersey law… shows no deference to parents’ rights and permits exceptions to universal vaccinations only for medical reasons (where a physician certifies that the child will get sicker because of a vaccination) or religious objections. Short of those narrow reasons, in New Jersey, if you don’t vaccinate your children, you risk losing parental custody of them.


INDIANA LEGISLATION (2016) MANDATES 8 vaccines for hospital employment



1. Requires a minimum of 8 vaccines for hospital employees as a condition of employment: Influenza, Varicella, Measles, Mumps, Rubella, Tetanus, Diphtheria, and Pertussis (page 2 lines 13-16).  READ BILL AND MORE…

Allows hospitals to fire employees who don’t receive the required vaccines (page 2 lines 38-42and protects the hospital or agent from any liability for firing an individual over vaccination compliance (page 3 lines (9-13).

Removes the personal belief exemption

VLA COMMENT:  California was the first to pass a legislation that gave the power to a state to mandate vaccines per industry.  Indiana in now following. Other states will follow.

Urgent need to stop this at the House level


U.S. Senate Passes Bill Approving Mandatory Vaccinations for Veterans

A Bill has just passed the U.S. Senate, mandating that the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs ensure that all veterans receive immunizations (vaccines) per a draconian schedule. At this juncture, active military must receive over a dozen vaccines. This piece of legislation is therefore an effort to extend the vaccine mandate to those who have previously served their country.

Sec. 101 of Senate Bill 1203, named the 21st Century Veterans Benefits Delivery Act, states that the Department of Veterans Affairs will be tasked with the mandate to……ensure that veterans receiving medical services under chapter 17 of title 38, United States Code, receive each immunization on the recommended adult immunization schedule at the time such immunization is indicated on that schedule.    READ MORE…

Dr. Suzanne Humphries: Manufacturing Consent (Vaccines)

Part 1 Manufactured Consent MD Suzanne Humphries 2015

Part 2 Manufactured Consent MD Suzanne Humphries 2015

Part 3 Manufactured Consent MD Suzanne Humphries 2015

Part 4 Manufactured Consent MD Suzanne Humphries 2015

Q and A Manufactured Consent MD Suzanne Humphries 2015


Screenshot-580  Enlarge the document


Answer:  Rockefeller! Foundation:   Zika virus, like HPV is a sexually transmitted virus.  It was patented via the blood from “experimental” forest sentinel rhesus monkey, Uganda 1947


VLA Comment:  Some thoughts….Did the experimenting with Rhesus monkey and vaccines cause the HPV virus, the Cancer epidemic from the Polio vaccine made from the host of monkey’s carrying the retrovirus SV 40?

HIV/AIDS and Rhesus Macaques

The HIV virus is also found naturally in the Rhesus Macaques.  Could HIV, as well as Zika as well as the Simian 40 virus (retro virus) found in the Polio vaccine come from pharma’s experiments in Africa using the rhesus Macques as hosts?  See animation for retro viruses

Four monkeys were already naturally infected with E. bieneusi (also genotype D)

Microsporidia are long-known parasitic organisms of almost every animal group, including invertebrates and vertebrates. Microsporidia emerged as important opportunistic pathogens in humans when AIDS became pandemic and, more recently, have also increasingly been detected in otherwise immunocompromised patients, including organ transplant recipients, and in immunocompetent persons with corneal infection or diarrhea.

Immunodeficiency resembling human AIDS was reported in captive monkeys in the United States beginning in 1983.[6][7][8] SIV was isolated in 1985 from some of these animals, captive rhesus macaques suffering from simian AIDS (SAIDS).[7]

B Virus (herpes B, monkey B virus, herpesvirus simiae, and herpesvirus B)

B virus infection is caused by a herpes virus. B virus is also commonly referred to as herpes B, monkey B virus, herpesvirus simiae, and herpesvirus B.

The virus is found among macaque monkeys, including rhesus macaques, pig-tailed macaques, and cynomolgus monkeys (also called crab-eating or long-tailed macaques). Macaque monkeys are thought to be the natural host for the virus. Macaques infected with B virus usually have no or only mild symptoms. Macaques housed in primate facilities usually become B virus positive by the time they reach adulthood. However, infection in macaques can only be transmitted during active viral shedding through body fluids.

Infection with B virus is extremely rare in humans. When it does occur, the infection can result in severe brain damage or death if the patient is not treated soon after exposure (see Risks for Infection and Treatment sections). Infection in humans is typically caused by animal bites or scratches or by mucosal contact with body fluid or tissue.

Note:  Although B virus infection in humans is extremely rare, when it does occur, it is often fatal unless treated right away—about 70% of untreated patients die of complications associated with the infection


NEW STUDY: Prescription medications identified as key gateway drugs


NEW STUDY: Prescription medications identified as key gateway drugs

(NaturalNews) Big Pharma is responsible for turning teenagers into illegal drug users by prescribing them dangerous medications which they may later misuse, according to researchers at the University of Michigan.

A study conducted by the UM School of Medicine revealed that teens who were given prescriptions for drugs designed to treat sleep disorders or anxiety were 12 times as likely to abuse those same drugs later, compared to those who had never had those types of drugs prescribed to them.  Read More…

Science: Big Pharma’s Role in Iatrogenic Mitochondrial Diseases Caused by Vaccines and Prescription Drugs


Science: Big Pharma’s Role in Iatrogenic Mitochondrial Diseases Caused by Vaccines and Prescription Drugs

Mitochondria research published during 2008, 2009 and 2012 in three journals – the Journal of Neuroscience Research, Journal of Toxicology, and Molecular Nutrition and Food Research – report the specific roles that two neurotoxins: ethylmercury (49.6%) in Thimerosal and aluminum in adjuvants—plus numerous pharmaceutical drugs, and all vaccines in general, play—or, more accurately, induce iatrogenic mitochondrial diseases, i.e., diseases caused by doctors, their treatments or medications. That aspect of the medical profession, by itself, should leave all medical doctors liable and wide open to medical malpractice lawsuits filed by parents of vaccine-damaged children and spouses or caregivers of adults damaged by vaccines and/or prescription drugs.

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