Terraforming the Earth: Mike Adams

Mike Adams (NATURAL NEWS/THE HEALTH RANGER) discusses terraforming the planet as to make earth inhabitable to an alien species. He will be live in Branson, Missouri, Sept 13-15 for the True Legend Conference with Steve Quayle of which I (VLA founder) intend to go.I am a fan of both Mike Adams and Steve Quayle.

I have also included herein the Lecture of Dr. Rudolf Steiner, Christian Clairvoyant and founder of Biodynamic Agriculture, the Waldorf education system and Anthroposophy called the 8th (demonic) sphere. Included in this link is the alert on 5G that appears to be part of plan.

3 thoughts on “Terraforming the Earth: Mike Adams

  1. walt harper

    Thank goodness this being discussed a Century late but still very trendy. What you will- all counters have been calculated and a mass extinction makes no sense. Let’s suppose this has been going on for ten millennia and “they” don’t interfere with our being. Just a thought.

  2. Editor Post author

    I like both your comments. This and Trumptac. I hope you think about my response regarding the Trump Tac video. Would you like to be on our small but special political list?

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