Islam, Vaccines and Health -Dr A. Majid Katme

A. Majid Katme, MBBCh, DPM (medical doctor)
Spokesman, Islamic Medical Association (UK)

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VLA Comment:  Sample letter to request vaccine exemption for Muslims:

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Re:  Religious exemption for all vaccines for my children…NAMES

To Whom It May Concern:

Allah, the Creator, the Designer, has organized for the destruction of most germs and viruses through natural means. Our bodies are holy.  As our beloved physician and prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, has told us, for every disease there is a cure. Islam prohibits Muslims from taking any harmful medicine or substance.  If there is doubt or controversy, as in vaccines,  Islam orders us to leave it completely.  The final holy book, Al Qur’an, is my medical source for both prevention and cure of disease.  To best prepare the body, the Muslim is required to use permissible nutrition from Yayyib (natural) food and drink. The human body is holy.

I would respectfully note that both my children have been officially exempt since birth from taking vaccines from our country of origin, Bangledesh.

You can edit and use whatever you feel is aligned with your religious views.

Note:  If they want to interview you and ask you if you go to a doctor who has given your kids medicine (they are trying to get you to prove that you do take medicine)…Say no, if natural means are available.  If a natural cure is not available, “If I am in doubt, I pray to Mohammed, the great physician, peace be upon him, to move forward or not.  I have prayed about vaccines.  Accordingly, the answer to my prayers is consistent.  Vaccines are haraam.

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