75 VACCINE BILLS for 2017

VLA Comment:  Remember that Vaccine law is an individual state issue.  Ask yourself how all these states simultaneously are on the same page.  These vaccine initiatives are coming from top down and through the network of the State’s Health Departments which are not serving the needs of the individuals of the state but is a network headed by the fraudulent CDC.

Example: NY – S3546 – OPPOSE – Introduced and referred to the Senate Health Committee on 1/24/2017 – Requires a physician signature for a religious belief exemption to vaccination

See Strategy:  Definition of Religion:  http://vaccineliberationarmy.com/2017/01/27/vaccine-bills-demand-church-sign-off-religious-waivers/  Suggestion:  Copy the jpeg and definition of religion and provide a flyer to all legislators.


NATIONWIDE: State – Bill Number – Position – Status – Title


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