Fluoride Victory Updates (2015)



Latest Fluoride-Free Victories 

  • Oneida, New YorkOn Tuesday the Common Council voted 5-1 to reject fluoridation for the third time since 2002.  For months, the council has held public hearings and debates on fluoridation, listening to an array of experts on both sides of the issue, including FAN’s Dr. Paul Connett and NY Dept. of Health’s Dental Representative Jay Kumar, who is a long-time promoter of fluoridation.  Despite an aggressive lobbying campaign by the fluoride-lobby, the council and community couldn’t be ticked into believing that the practice was safe, effective, or necessary.
  • Kingsville, Ontario—This Canadian City Council passed a motion last week reaffirming its stance in opposition to fluoridation.  The issue was raised by the former Deputy Mayor, who urged the council to pass the motion to send a message to the provincial government, which is considering mandating the practice.   The community of Lakeshore, Ontario also recently publicized their opposition to fluoridation, and will be sending a letter to provincial officials opposing a mandate.

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