POPE FRANCIS: Take migrants or take penalty of $290,000 per person


Pope Francis has called for European leaders to make a new and audacious push for the continent’s integration, to rekindle the “soul” of its founders and establish new foundations based on multiculturalism and a more equitable economic model.

The head of the Catholic Church has emerged as one of the most high-profile advocates for immigrants, and warned on Friday that attempts to exclude them from society ran counter to Europe’s traditions.

VLA COMMENT:   I have never had a good feeling about Pope Francis. How can one have a good feeling about the Vatican, in general,  whose Popes down through history have  burned women as witches, have been politically greedy, rich & material,  engaged in pedophilia and controllers of the masses.

It is the FALSE CHURCH! Here is another good reason why. The global elite (One World Govt.) is pushing multiculturalism in order to de-stablize Europe”

You cannot invite a culture (Muslim/Sharia law) that does not believe in multi culturism into a country that believes in multi culturism.




Watch Paul Joseph Watson (INFOWARS) & Stefan Molyneux (two brilliant journalists) have a dialogue on “THE GREAT REPLACEMENT”.   Stefan points out that multiculturism is one thing…you cannot invite a culture (Muslim/Sharia law) that does not believe in multi culturism into a country that believes in multiculturism.  This is a global effort to destroy culltural integrity.  THIS IS THE GREAT REPLACEMENT

Migrant crisis: EU plans penalties for refusing asylum seekers

The European Commission has proposed reforms to EU asylum rules that would see stiff financial penalties imposed on countries refusing to take their share of asylum seekers.

PROPOSED SANCTIONS of €250,000 (£200,000; $290,000) per person.  READ MORE….


3 thoughts on “POPE FRANCIS: Take migrants or take penalty of $290,000 per person

  1. Dee Nicholson

    I’d like to know exactly how these financial sanctions would be enforced?
    There is no law. There is only pressure. So how would the EU collect such payments per person? And where did they come up with such a ludicrous figure? Clearly these guys are making things up as they go along.

    This is looking more and more like a scene from Alice in Wonderland…. “OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!”

  2. Editor Post author

    If you read the articles…there is some kind of European “treaty” that apportions percentages of immigrants per country…It has been around for a while..I think it is called the Dublin Treaty. This how they get authority to levy “sanctions”

  3. Researcher

    How many is he taking in ???? NONE !!

    Do as I say, NOT as I DO !! Double standards from someone who lives behind walls protected by armed guards to keep everybody out

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