VAERS 9/2010:BABY DIES-Breast feeding mother receives Gardasil

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40 Day Old Baby Dies After Breastfeeding Mom receives Gardasil shot. (see Gardasil video for more) as reported on VAERS:

VAERS REPORT: 129 new adverse reaction reports since the beginning of October including 2 death reports.  Here’s one:

Symptoms: Death, Drug exposure via breast milk, General physical health deterioration

Write-up: Information has been received from a physician for the pregnancy registry for GARDASIL, concerning a female who on 01-SEP-2010 was vaccinated with the first dose of GARDASIL (lot number not reported) intramuscularly while breastfed her baby was 40 day old (WAES 1009USA00625), it was reported that the mother’s and baby’s health were good (well controlled). On 02-SEP-2010, in the morning, the baby’s condition was still good but in the afternoon the condition suddenly drop. The family immediately took the baby to hospital and it did not help since the baby died shortly after that. The cause of death was not reported, it was also reported as “not recovered from death”. No further information is available.

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5 thoughts on “VAERS 9/2010:BABY DIES-Breast feeding mother receives Gardasil

  1. Crystal Strickland

    I would like an update on this because the information given is not conclusive that Gardasil was the causing factor in the infants death.

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  3. Freda Birrell

    This case has to be investigated to rule out all possibilities. What is important however is that no mother who is breast feeding her baby should have been vaccinated in the first place with Gardasil. They ask you not drink alcohol at this time so why would you put a toxic vaccine into her body. I truly hope the mother takes steps to get legal help on this one and my heart goes out to her at the loss of her little one.

    I cannot say what caused the baby’s death but an independent person has to check on all of the facts, did the baby have her vaccinations, what reactions if any were experienced and the most important question, “why was the mother vaccinated so shortly after birth?” Please someone out there try and help this poor mom who must be totally and utterly devastated at the loss of her child. Let compassion be the key and let the truth be revealed please.

  4. Ross Coe

    So depressing, so insane. How can we stop vaccine madness. How can profit turn human beings into monstrous animals? Monsters who are Dick Cheney like, Bernie Madoff types, Brian Deer types, George w Bush types.
    People fail to understand that vaccines are PRODUCT. Product that is produced and marketed for sale. Vaccines are not omnipotent and their makers are not capable of omniscience. Does it not occur to people that vaccinologists are simply researchers who are experimenting on us and are surely guilty of criminal negligence millions of times over? Where are the agents of law enforcement? Crimes are being committed against mankind and they are sanctioned by elected officials who work for us, are elected by us, and payed by us. Why do we not control them. Why do they protect vaccine makers from us, instead of protecting us from them? Why do parents have to pay an extra charge on vaccines to cover the certain costs of the vaccine court and compensation programs. Some may know that producers were almost litigated out of existence, but its their own damn fault for poisoning our children with faulty and fraudulent products. How and why are they allowed to stay in business, and out of prison?

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