2 thoughts on “DR. JUDY MIKOVITZ-Antidote for Vaccine Toxin and Warns Against Dangerous Fake One

  1. marko

    why arent people listening to common sense?.. smart people, nice people, .oral people spiritual people all in a trance, no more logic, reason or critical thinking just following guidelines taking vaccines from people who told us they will depopulate us through vaccines.

  2. Evelyn Young

    I am so frustrated with the lack of data from mainstream.. Now, I am hearing that animals, wild or domestic, can catch and transmit the virus. I do not believe that! But, finding good data, even from back in the day, when we still had common sense on the immune system, is almost impossible! Help! If you have a good link, I need to dig deeper! Thx! God bless truth seekers/lovers…

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