GSK, Merck Cut Prices of HPV Vaccine in Poor Countries (May 2013) thru Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation GAVI Alliance

imagesGSK, Merck Cut Price Of HPV Vaccine In Poor Countries Thru Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation GAVI ALLIANCE

A new all-time low price for human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines will now help guarantee that millions of girls in poor countries are protected against cervical cancer. This will be made possible by the GAVI alliance (the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization) – a public-private partnership that aims to save children’s lives by funding vaccines in the world’s 70 poorest nations Read…

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation – Donor profiles GAVI Alliance

The Gates Foundation is a founding partner of the GAVI Alliance and has made several commitments to GAVI through direct funding and the AMC.

More details on the drug fraudulent trials:

Excerpt:  2007, even before it was approved for use in the country, which actually happened in 2008? The committee also questioned the ICMR’s decision to commit itself to promoting the drug for inclusion in the Universal Immunisation Programme before any independent study on its utility and rationale of inclusion in the UIP was undertaken.

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