Hemp and Biowastes: Better than Graphene!

_76912486_hempfieldthinkstock _76912488_hempfibressplThe waste fibres from hemp crops can be transformed into high-performance energy storage devices, scientists say.

They “cooked” cannabis bark into carbon nanosheets and built supercapacitors “on a par with or better than graphene” – the industry gold standard. Read more…

VLA comment:  Iowa and other agricultural states are too busy with Monsanto’s GMO corn and soy and their national directive to be the global supplier of hogs and GMO feed.  In Fairfield, Iowa, a new granary is going up that attaches to Warren Buffet’s BSNF railway and will send 20 million bushels of GMO corn to Texas, Mexico and then the Asian Pacific through the TransPacificPartnership.  Although folk don’t think the TPP is a done deal…think again as infrastructure is being put in place.  However, we suspect that China will have the last laugh on the USA when they pull the plug.

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