Robin Williams-DEATH BY PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, Gary Kohl, MD. (Cytochrome P450?)


DUTY TO WARN – Robin Williams by Gary Kohl, MD


“Within weeks after Williams’ discharge from Hazelden’s Rehabilitation facility in Lindstrom, MN, he hung himself in the bedroom of his San Francisco home where he was certainly suffering multiple side effects from his cocktail of drugs. He left no suicide note, but certainly his psychiatrists, psychologists and other staff members at Hazelden know exactly what Williams could have written on such a note. So far Hazelden is mum on what happened to Williams during July’s rehab stay. Some of Williams’ closest friends are claiming that the newly prescribed drugs were what killed him”   Read more…


Suicides and heinous homicides (mass shootings by young people) are concomitant with the rise of new psychiatric drugs like SSRIs.  But other drugs also cause suicidal ideations in those demographics that are non-metabolizers.  See this layman’s links on CYTOCHROME P450 and drug interactions.    Was Robin Williiams a poor metabolizer of the cocktail of drugs he recently received?  Did this supposedly reputable (and probably expensive) institution give him the available Cytochrome P450 test to establish his metabolism activity?  I doubt it…as it is not standard of care.  The knowledge of pharmacogenetics and drug interactions have been known for more than 15 years and yet this simple test is not standard of care and therefore physicians are not legally culpable. 

More egregious is that all levels of physicians prescribe psychiatric drugs with no compelled, basic or continuing education as to pharmacogenetics and the critical role Cytochrome P450 plays in detoxifying  the body from accumulating lethal doses of medicines (not only psyche drugs).

Today 25% of American children are put on psychiatric drugs by doctors who have no education in Pharmacogenetics and drug interactions.  The legal system, as well, disregards the fact that upward of 10% of Caucasians, for example, are non-metabolizers.  (That is they cannot detoxify the new drugs out of their system and they subsequently become psychotic).

10,000 American Toddlers are on psyche drugs. Read more…

An autopsy can still analyze Robin Williams’ drug interaction and metabolic status by a simple DNA test for Cytochrome P450.  The same can be done in the all the school shootings.  James Holmes, Jerod Loughner, Haskell, are still alive and can be tested in relationship to the drugs they were taking.  If the drugs were counter indicated due to a lack of activity of the Cytochrome P450 and its various alleles, then attorneys could argue that these mass murders were induced to psychosis by the physicians and that they were, in fact, INVOLUNTARILY INTOXICATED.  However, when VLA brought this opportunity to the Defense Attorneys and Judges, there was no response.

7 thoughts on “Robin Williams-DEATH BY PSYCHIATRIC DRUGS, Gary Kohl, MD. (Cytochrome P450?)

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  4. Randy Gomberg

    Psychiatry killed Robin Williams.
    Psychiatry killed Robin Williams.
    Psychiatrists some time ago arbitrarily decided the mind is the brain and that abnormal behavior is caused by chemical imbalances and other physical disabilities in the nervous system. And they have convinced governments and preach to you that drugs like Prozac can cure such mental illnesses as depression. THIS IS FALSE. It is within your MIND, a hidden subconscious portion of it, below your awareness, that contains all the suicidal, depressive and other non-survival impulses. Not the brain.
    So what happened to Robin? Something current, in his present-time environment, a relationship, harsh words and/or actions, who knows, REACTIVATED those impulses of depression and suicide in his mind. And that’s EXACTLY what happens to EVERY SINGLE PERSON who gets depressed, gets suicidal impulses or ANY mental disorder. Such hidden impulses and compulsions CAN be handled so they no longer affect you. But in the absence of a trained professional who can help you a STRONG will to live can work. If that weren’t the case then EVERYBODY who’s had any suicidal thoughts would take their own lives. Most people don’t. Robin, unfortunately, succumbed to “the voices in his mind”. It wasn’t “chemical imbalances” in his brain!
    So how is it that psychiatry killed Robin Williams?
    Depression may trigger suicidal thoughts, yet the psychiatrists ”treat” your depression with drugs that could CAUSE suicidal impulses!!!! THE FDA requires they state the risk of suicidal thoughts! Nobody gets suicidal thoughts taking anti-biotics to cure pneumonia. Why the hell is there a sanctioned medical drug that’s supposed to handle suicidal depressive thoughts THAT MAY INDUCE what it’s trying to prevent? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE?!!!
    The psychiatric institution and pharmaceutical companies that develop drugs for them thus are nothing short of CRIMINAL! Yet they have cloaked themselves in legitimacy to make every government AND YOU believe they are trying to help you. Robin trusted them. He needed help. He was taking their medication. They betrayed his faith in them.
    Psychiatry killed Robin Williams.
    Don’t let them kill you—or your children.
    Randy Gomberg aka G.B. Randolph

  5. scot cosemtimo

    Another death at the hands of psychiatry, this situation is all to familiar in our current culture. A multimillion dollar industry that truly destroys our society, creates mad men, destroys the minds of our youth, and kills and some of its greatest people ! They should all be jailed and forced to undergo what they have done to others. No cures, just victims and billions in profits. Its time to view them for what they are, insane evil intentioned drug pushers backed by major corporations who’s bottom line is death. How could a society be so blind?

  6. Peter. W. Tor-kilsen

    Whist I was recovering from multiple brain haemorrhages,
    And a month long coma, I was forced under a pseudo legal act, potently Fatal drugs the cause Brain Haemorrhages and DEATH;
    While I was attempting to advance a humanitarian and environmental / ecological initiative; & had my family life decimated as a consequence .
    The evidence is on my website.

    Psychiatrists megalomania

  7. Editor Post author

    Our alignment is with “Source”. We come to this earth to help humanity evolve. Unfortunately (as it were…though in aligned reality nothing is unforntunate) we are still heirs to attack. However, better to die in one’s dharma than to live in the dharma of another. Good work!

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