DARK side of PET VACCINATION (riveting)

Allergies, skin problems, behavior changes, autoimmune disease, seizures, injection-site cancers — these are just a few of the well-documented adverse vaccine reactions in dogs and cats. Reactions aren’t rare; they are just unrecognized and unreported. Risks are only acceptable when they greatly outweigh benefits yet, sadly, many vaccines are unnecessary. We humans don’t get childhood shots throughout our lives — why do our pets? Please learn the true cost of pet vaccination — the heartbreak and the high cost of treating reactions — before vaccinating again. Be informed before you consent. Learn more about vaccine reactions, and preventing them, at http://www.truth4pets.org/ Please “like” and rate our video and share it with pet loving friends and family. Subscribe to k9author and watch our other vaccination videos at http://www.youtube.com/k9author

VLA comment: Pet meds, pet hospital, pet insurance….A marketing strategy to make unholy money! This video not only shows you the sadness of what we allow the establishment to do to our pets, but it lists the enormous cost in terms of money for unnecessary chemotherapy and surgery on our little friends. At one time the Vet organizations cared a little about their members’patients and refused to allow Thimerosal (Mercury) in pet vaccines. However, the establishment did allow mercury in human vaccines. From the 1980s to 2001 there were 15 childhood vaccines that had high levels of mercury. Autism went from 1 in 10,000 at that time to 1 in 88 at the present. Even though the mercury was taken out in 2001, the CDC put it in the Flu vaccine for infants and in-utero. They started the flu vaccine push and subsequent 2009 flu pandemic so that the Autism rates would not go down compensating for the removal of the mercury out of the 15 vaccines. Currently the CDC pushes the flu vaccine for even younger demographics…6 and 7 month old infants; every year thereafter and in-utero where the little developing body is the size of a thumb!

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