KENYA AFRICA: Dr. Ngare Exposes WHO & UNICEF Tyranny on Developing World


In 1995, WHO come to Kenya through the ministry of health and offered to run a similar campaign. On the backdrop of what had happened in South America and the fact that the campaigns details were identical,

The Catholic Church in Kenya requested the ministry of health to have the vaccine tested before it was administered. The ministry of health agreed with the Church and ordered for the vaccine to be tested before administration. WHO opted to withdraw the vaccine and cancel the campaign instead of submitting it for testing!  READ MORE…

5 thoughts on “KENYA AFRICA: Dr. Ngare Exposes WHO & UNICEF Tyranny on Developing World

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  2. Krzysztof Stec

    The Kenyan government should not have tehm just leave, free of any criminal charges. WHO shoudl have been sued in some international court and the individuals representing that organization should have been made personally responsible for that crime and put in jail. Otherwise it is just Kenya who has been saved instead of the resta of Africa or the rest of the world.

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