1 thought on “Iowa Pig Farmer: Sows become infertile from GMO corn feed

  1. sstorch

    when gmo’s came on the scene about twenty years ago we would have discussions of the different scenarios that would occur… and when i say ‘we’ i mean a group of farmers at a conference… and this was certainly one of the scenarios that we kicked around… now you can take this to the bank that these genocidal psychopaths have figured out a way to genetically engineer race specific diseases into crops…. why the big concern by the gates foundation to vaccinate africans and feed them gm crops? why the big push to get gmo’s into the EU where the people outwardly do not want it? only here in the usa where we have the most out of touch population where most people do not even know what a gmo is; here it goes unchecked…. monsanto, bayer, basf and all these other companies with ISO certification are actual nazi outgrowths…. get used to it or fight it…. grow a garden and be self sufficient or know your farmer…sstorch

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