5 thoughts on “GARDASIL: Virtually 100% Cure Rate of Cervical Cancer in USA “WITHOUT VACCINE”!

  1. Mindanoiha

    Gardasil should be called a cancer vaccine because it probably causes cancer. The manufacturer Merck has not tested it for carcinogenicity. Why? Do they not want the truth to be revealed?
    The vaccine may also cause cancer by replacement. The virus strains which are removed will be always be replaced by new ones. It is unknown whether the new ones will be carcinogenic.
    Yet another way in which Gardasil may cause cancer is due to the presence of recombinant (gene manipulated) HPV DNA. This recent and unexpected discovery was made by competent unbiased research workers.

    The manufacturer did not do this study. On the contrary, they lied and informed the authorities in connection with the patent application that the vaccine did not contain viral DNA. This was also stated in the package insert information and it was recently deleted when the discovery of the presence of recombinant DNA was made!

    There is no incentive for manufacturers to search for ingredients which may be detrimental to health.

    Cancer cases may occur long after Gardasil has been administrated and long after Merck has hauled in gigantic profits for this scandalous vaccine; long after all the vaccine promoters who have had their pockets lined, including people in the media, health authorities, doctors, research workers, statisticians and politicians have slid into comfortable retirement.

    Gardasil should be called a cancer vaccine because it probably causes cancer.

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