Lyme Disease-A bioweapon scourge & THE SALT CURE!

lyme-diseaseVLA Comment:  I am going to start this post with my comment.  I have cured Lyme disease in myself several times.  I have turned others onto the Salt Cure and they too have cured Lyme disease.  On the Plum Island weaponry lab off the coast of Connecticut and New York is were it all started as our usually brilliant, however military orientated scientists sought to weaponize vector insects such as the tick and the mosquito.  My understanding is that the bugger escaped to Lyme, Connecticut…hence the name, Lyme disease.  It is now a plague, an epidemic.  See the movie, UNDER OUR SKIN, free on our website.

spirochete clustertumblr_md5dt1F5Xq1qf252bo1_1280A macrophage (pale brown) interacts with Borrelia cells (blue), the spirochete bacteria that cause Lyme disease. Although the outer membrane of Borrelia contains a strong antigen, the OspC protein, the bacterium successfully evades the human immune system by hiding out in places less accessible to immune cells, such as the central nervous system. Source… 

VLA COMMENT:  But they can hide from the salt that pervades (emphasis added) the body when you start, the SALT CURE. (Disclaimer…blah blah blah…make sure you go to your doctor, blah, blah, blah)


The cure is the Salt Cure found on  How I came to find it 10 years of so ago was that (would you believe it?) I had a dream that my meninges was covered with curls of black larvae and that there were little microscopic worm emerging from my scalp.  I had gone to the Manhattan, Eye and Ear Clinic and they confirmed by a blood test that I had Lyme disease.  I must have had it for a while.  Every year for about 2-3 years, the pons of my left eyebrow would react itchy as if a spider bit me.  I said to myself…how could a spider bite me in the same place year after year.  Since I am a very alkaline person (I don’t usually do coffee or meat, etc), I have very subtle symptoms.  However, having gotten the blood test by circumstance, I acted on it. Clearly this was with me for a few years. I went to my Ayrurvedic doctor in Fairfield, Iowa and she advised me to search the Internet for an image of the vision in my dream.  Hence, by the Grace of God, I found

It is a simple concept.  You will find on the website that there are a myriad of these creatures making their way into your muscles, tissues and brain.  I say, “Face it”.  Look at these buggers and say “not in my backyard:::”.  Apparently these buggers (and many other life forms) cannot live in “SALT”.  I took 8 pills 3 times a day for approximately 5 months-4 pills containing 1gram of SALT (Consolidated Manufacturer make 1 gram tablets) and 4 pills containing 1 gram each of Vitamin C.  Soon I became a salt lick!  I did not have any problem whatsoever with my blood pressure or any other negative reaction.  What I did notice…of which, at the time, the website described, that little microscopic buggers started emerging from the back of my neck…kind of like itchy hives, and I had little, little scabs on my head where the tiny, tiny worms were emerging (supposedly they lay there eggs in the pons of the neck and eyebrows). You could lick my arm and get a dose of salt. The salt pervaded my tissues, everywhere.  I understood how this penetration of salt pervaded my body thereby creating an inhospitable habitat for these creatures, so they either left or simply dissolved. Have you ever poured salt on a slug?

Recently, (living in the woods where ticks abound) I was getting aches in my body, my hands.  I was thinking that it was because I was doing some heavy work.  However, the aches were not going away when the work was done.  So, I decided to do a few weeks of the Salt Cure.  Symptoms Gone!  Although the salt used in this cure is ordinary Sodium Chloride (as opposed to sea salt), until someone makes up natural tablets of sea salt…this is the protocol.  It is of short duration (like medicine).  I say, better salt than suppressing and pushing the entities further into your tissues with antibiotics and other medical cabal hypotheticals.

Clearly, the United States government has not come clean with their bio-weaponry program and its involvement in creating West Nile Virus and Lyme disease.  Moreover, they continue to disable emerging humanity by vaccines.  Parents know that Autism, Juvenile Diabetes, Asthma, SIDS, SBS are directly linked to the CDC vaccine protocol, so why would you think the CDC or their educated minions would admit their part in the creation of this plague?  And, for sure, why would you take CDC’s advise for a cure?

Salt is an ancient blessed commodity!  Salt has long held an important place in religion and culture. At the time of Brahmanic sacrifices, in Hittite rituals and during festivals held by Semites and Greeks at the time of the new moon, salt was thrown into a fire where it produced crackling noises.[74] The ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans invoked their gods with offerings of salt and water and some people think this to be the origin of Holy Water in the Christian faith.[75] In Aztec mythology, Huixtocihuatl was a fertility goddess who presided over salt and salt water.[76]

Jerry Leonard on Bioweaponized Lyme


Also taking mimosa pudica as per Dr Jay Davidson….he says you cant cure Lyme until you get the worms out as they harbour it. Within 2 weeks on mimosa, I delivered 3 long worms in my stool! One was like a baby python. I would get bad herx out of the blue then the next day, a dead worm would come out. Mimosa pudica will turn even the biggest germaphobe into a toilet explorer. I am forever looking for my prizes and dam the dam autoflush toilets in some public places!

47 thoughts on “Lyme Disease-A bioweapon scourge & THE SALT CURE!

  1. sstorch

    where do you think the salary came from? mmm? salt was currency it was so important especially for working peasants…. ah, i miss them days….ss

  2. Fransel

    I need a doctor who will prescribe salt/c to my son who has Lyme disease. Can anyone help please

  3. drmohamedkari

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  4. Linda N Brown

    I have been dealing with Lyme Disease 6 years this month. I take a lot of supplements and vitamins,
    including 6000 Vitamin C a day. I recently read an article about salt as you described, and I started
    taking 1 tablet a day. Almost immediately, the bacteria started exiting my body. I found 1 gross black
    “worm” under my tongue; I tried to flip it out with my finger and it landed on my forehead. I called my
    husband to see it because he did not believe other things I showed him were Lyme bacteria. I thought
    that changed his mind, but now he says he doesn’t know what it was. The ones on my arms, legs, and
    one at my waist do not drop off; they cling and start embedding in my skin. I have found pictures
    that look like these: very small circle with a dark beady looking part at one end where they seem to
    join. However, the uncurl and look like a “c”. I have seen then weave in material and change colors.
    Sometimes the “c” will change to a “U” shape. My doctor has studied Lyme and been very supportive
    until now. He told me the things on my legs were freckles or moles! With a clear center?
    I want to know if anyone else has seen similar creatures exiting the body, and would be willing to
    share information with me. I have some pictures of macroscopic borrelia. I had a second bacterial
    infection, identified at approximately one month by a secondary rash on my leg.

  5. Editor Post author

    I found the salt cure ( a few years ago after I had a dream about these black “c” shaped and what I considered “larvae” like all over my meninges (brain covering). When I first started the salt cure…I did 12 vitamin C (1000 mgs each) and 12 salt tablets (1 gram each…consolated manufacture make 1 gram…you can buy at Walgreens). That is…4 C, 4 salt 3X per day for six months. little microscopic entities starting coming out of the back of my neck in about a week. Found little scabs on my head. This was all reported on that website at the time. And I fit the pattern. I did the protocal for about 6 months. I check my doses by licking my arm and found that I tasted like a salt lick. One tablet is not enough.

  6. Michael

    I believe I have lymes and or the co infections . I have Been doing different protocols but before I get ahead of myself I have severe muscle weakness in almost my whole body and bilateral drop foot otherwise I feel great. Has anyone heard of these symptoms. ?? Anyway I tried pure sea salt and powdered vitamin c the other day. About 6 grams of each and within an hour the herxheimer reactions started and made my symptoms much worse for days. Does anyone know anyone who has my symptoms. Tests come up negative for Lyme but I have been undiagnosed for over 5 years

  7. Florence

    Which brand of salt pills did you use? And do you know of what potential side effects could happen from taking them for that duration of time?

    Also, did you have to change anything in your diet or daily activities to make this more effective?

  8. Editor Post author

    The site recommends Consolidated Manufactures who make 1000 mgs. (the usual over the counter is 500).
    Since you are only taking it for a few months, in my experience there was no side effects. I took it until when you lick your arm you taste like a salt lick. No changes in diet at all. Just pervade your system with salt and the vitamin C. I would try Lyposomal Vitamin C.which is more potent.
    Let me know when you are cured:::)))

  9. john milner

    For Lyme, My understanding of the salt/c protocol is to start with one gram of each, and work with that for a period of say a month or so, until you feel no response from your body when you take it. not tired, not herx,. and then proceed to 2 grams of each for a month or so until no response. and then proceed that way until you can comfortably do your weight divided by 12 in grams. or until you get remission. i am upto 4 grams after 3 months, i can feel a herx each day i take it. it seems like the symptoms overall are less this month. i hope and pray it is from the salt/c driving lyme and coinfections out,, hopefully they cant live in my precious body little by little. i would not recommend just start popping salt and vitamin C. most people i know who did that end up feeling like crap after a couple weeks and stop. it causes too big of a herx. there is a good fb group also a yahoo group for salt/c, pay no attention to lymenet europes. they put crap out about many lyme protocols. my understanding is people work with salt/c for a year or more to get remission, but they do get remission. PTL. Marc Fett followed the salt/c protocol from and has streamlined it a little and made it more palatable. i suggest anyone who is in the least bit interested in this protocol to buy his book. it is easy reading even for a lymie. i wish i would have followed up with this protocol 3 years ago when my lyme was not as advanced. lyme continues to advance waiting for opportunities of weakness to advance more. allowing other undesirables to enter and produce in our precious bodies. turning our body in a waste land and a ghetto. this protocol is so simple i really overlooked it the first time. not that there arent other lyme protocols that are good.

  10. Editor Post author

    I had a mature case. I just hopped right into it at 4 grams salt and 4 grams Vi C 3 times a day. I had little micro organism (as in kind of bumby rashes) come out of my neck right away and minute scabs on my scalp for the emerging worms. I took it for perhaps 4 months. But I can see where someone with high blood pressure might want to go slowly. I had no side effects…didn’t even know it was happening. I became like a salt lick. I wonder, however, if there was a “next time” that I would encapsulate “sea salt”.

  11. Lisa Haub

    I use Raw Pink Himalayan Salt finely ground, put it into a 00 gelatin capsule, and vitamin C according to how much salt I am taking in. For instance 1-00 capsule is about 1000 mg. of salt, and after just a couple of days of 1000 mg. salt with 1000 mg vitamin C 4 times per day I was herxing terribly. I got the idea that perhaps a detox bath would help the pain, fatigue and twitches which were getting terrible. Found a recipe for a detox bath of 1/3 cup sea salt, 1/3 cup epsom salt, 1/3 cup baking soda and 2 1/2 teaspoons of ground ginger, poured into a bathtub of the hottest water I could stand. Before I got in the bath I added 1 cup of organic Apple Cider Vinegar. I soaked in the bath for over 30 minutes and the herx was greatly lessened. Now at week two I am up to 2000 mg. of salt with 2000 mg. of vitamin C 4 or 5 times a day. My goal is to get to a total of 15,000 mg. of salt and 15,000 mg. vitamin C daily, so I am taking it slow, but I am feeling so much better. Highly recommend the detox bath while you are in the herxing. It helped me tremendously and after I was done soaking my bathroom literally smelled like a dirty locker room. Did it again the next day and the smell was much better, and I was feeling better. Good luck to you all and God bless you in your journey fighting Lyme, fibro,CFS etc.

  12. Marc Funaro

    Himalayan sea salt, folks. It’s not that expensive, and it is the safest. It may seem obvious to say, but we’re not talking table salt here. In fact, one you reach your therapeutic dose – X grams per lbs of body weight – regular table salt containing iodine can make you very sick. Start with 1 gram salt / c, don’t ramp up right away… The herx can be a real bitch and catch you very off guard if you ramp up too quickly. Give yourself the best chance for success with patience and a plan. Everyone responds differently to this protocol… There is an actual book available (Google is your friend) that is a great guide! Best of luck…

  13. Alexis Kelly

    I think it is very important that people use only bnatural unrefined salt for this treatment, and in general. Refined salt is very toxic to the body and is very acidifying without its minerals, the opposite of unrefined salt. I feel it would be irresponsible tp encourage anybody to do this treatment with refined bleached salt.
    I understand that the author dod not consciously experience any negative side effects from using the salt tablet, which is bound to be the refined form, but that does not mean it will not be harmful for others.
    Just like one person may smoke and drink and eat trash and think they still feel okay, many would not.
    The author suggested that the treatment will only be short term so it isnt worth worrying about any negative side effects from poor quality salt. But they also say that it can take several years fpr some people. And my view is that thee is never justification for putting poison into your body if there is an alternative. Refined salt is a very health damaging substance. It is 100 % responsible for the bad rap salt has received and the blood pressure problems associated with its use.
    Natural unrefined salt will not caise any problems with blood pressure and will most likely help to balance it. There isnt really an excess, except watre and salt should be balanced though.
    As the poster above says, pink himalayan salt is the only salt we should use nowadays. It is pure and unpolluted. Even natural grey sea salt has lots of pollution now, and it is not suitable for us anyway due to some technical aspect I cant remember, which must use something in our bodies, minerals or othrwise to neutralise it, but I am not saying you need to avoid it, just use himalayan salt if you can.

    All that said, I am not criticising the author and I fully support and commend this effort to help and guide others towards healing. Good luck everyone!

  14. Alexis Kelly

    To anybody undertaking this treatment, what type of Vitamin C do you use? Is it ascorbic acid? This is the only type of vitamin C I know I can tolerate due to severe allergies and adverse reactions to most supplements. I take it routinely to manage allergy symptoms. However when taken in larger doses it does make my body acidic, and can cause intestinal upset and interfere with sleep. Has anybody else had these experiences if they are using ascorbic acid at hih doses?

  15. Alexis Kelly

    To anybody undertaking this treatment, what type of Vitamin C do you use? Is it ascorbic acid? This is the only type of vitamin C I know I can tolerate due to severe allergies and adverse reactions to most supplements. I take it routinely to manage allergy symptoms. However when taken in larger doses it does make my body acidic, and can cause intestinal upset and interfere with sleep. Has anybody else had these experiences if they are using ascorbic acid at high doses?

  16. Editor Post author

    Have you tried LYPOSOMAL C. It is said it is a effective as intravenous C. Make sure it is not GMO as they use “lecithin soy” to encapsulate the C.

    the salt also breaks through the “biofilm” and then kills the pathogens. They can’t survice in the salty environment…but we are made up of sodium.

    I used the regular 1 gram salt tablets by Consolidated Manufacturer which you may still be able to get in Walbaums. But today, if I hade lymes, there is a company that capsulates himalayan salt.

  17. Editor Post author

    I would use Lyposomal C for the Vitamin C and you can buy encapulated Himalayan salt on the Internet. I cured my lyme with the consolated salt and ascorbic acid and didn’t have a problem since it was just a short use (a couple of months). It is like when the doctor gives you antibiotics….you grin and tolerate it knowing it is a bit of an assault. But it is temporary…and recovery from lyme is most important.

  18. Joanna Teodosio

    YAY! I hope this helps me! I’m on a whole bunch of supplements and while I do feel better, I feel like I’ve hit a plateau and get get over it! I’m willing to try anything!

    Interestingly enough, I just heard about the medical testing done by the Government this weekend from a cousin of mine. He told me he had seen a special on the History Channel about it!

  19. Editor Post author

    Good luck. It has worked for everyone I turned on to it. Have you watched the documentary UNDER OUR SKIN?
    It also has an update called EMERGENCE. You can watch them both for $9.99. It is important to see what you are dealing with.

    The beauty of the salt cure is that these things can’t live in salt but we are made up of salt. And you can feel that the salt pervades all your cells. Just lick your hand after a week and you will be comforted to know that it is pervading. I took 4 grams of salt (tablet) and 4 grams of Vit C 3 times a day for a few months.

  20. Michaela Gründhammer

    I tried Himalayan salt 1 g, Acerola Vitamin C 1g + 1 big tablespoon of grape seed flour twice a day. Grape seeds contain large amounts of OPC, which greatly help regenerate Vitamin C in the body. With this small amount, herxing began after 3 days and went on for a month without becoming better. Then started a homeopathic protocol for 3 months. Now am taking again Salt/C the 4 th day as above to see if the homeopathic protocol has worked.
    I think Salt/C could be very important in diagnosing Lyme by giving a Herx if borrelia are present in the body. Maybe also antibodies are produced during therapy, so one can maybe find a rise of antibodies in the blood during therapy in unclear cases.

  21. Editor Post author

    Good luck. Let us know. I took the whole protocol right from the gitco. I did not have herxing. But I did have these little microscopic entities come out of my neck and scalp. Just little rash type experience. I believe that I didn’t have herxing because I have been organic and pretty alkaline. No coffee or meat (just chicken a few times a week). Are you drinking coffee? I observe that people who are more acidic have bigger symptoms.

  22. Editor Post author

    Hmmm. Inhaling salt??? I would rather ingest it and let it pervade all tissues including the lungs and brain. It would be pretty radical to inhale it. I suppose either someone is trying to focus on the mucus/lungs or the brain which inhalation up the nose affects. Are we taking about “salt water” as in cleansing the nasal cavity? That might be tolerable and might have an affect on the brain…but inhalation….hmmm.

  23. CMS

    I discovered pink salt capsules, I take 6 a day at 850mg a piece, no begative side effects and planning to up my dose soon.

  24. Editor Post author

    Yes, I found the Himalyan salt capsules too. I actually didn’t mind taking the 1000 mgs of the Consolidated Manufactures tablets, however, because it is sort of an emergency situation and doesn’t last long. I did it for, I think, 6 months. Are you taking the Vitamin C with it?

  25. Jody

    This all sounds great can someone please tell me where to get the Himalayan salt capsules if there is an exact website

  26. M88

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  27. Bob Dodds

    I got a good herx from H pink salt.

    I’ve had Lyme since 1990. I always get the ring rash and bullseye, as if bit, and the biofilm. Reading here, and other reading, leads me to believe that the critters are in defensive mode and exit mode when those signs, and the exit scabs and worms come out. Still, when they are cornerred, they are most dangerous, and I learned not to use topical oils because what they don’t kill they carry deeper! I now only use topical baking soda, or other water-based, such as vinegar(1-2 dialectical punch with alkaline), cansema black salve which kills cells with ring rash so I don’t have to have Lyme rings on my face, black walnut hull juice–I saturated myself with that way beyond Hulda Clark, the actual juice, and topical. Baking soda is great topically.

    Four months ago, I just kept upping my intake of Himalayan pink salt, adding more and more to water, beverages, food. I had a painful herx in brain and cns, burning fire, worse and worse every night.

    That reminded me of 2015, when I took garlic cloves, one a day, two, four, eight, 15 cloves one day, and that caused a Herx in optic nerves! I’ve had extensive Lyme neuropathies, itching and numb under the skin, from endotoxic output from the first sign which might be a pimple near a joint then a ring and biofilm and maybe arthritis or crunching in joint.

    A friend is mailing me a Rife machine. I just did a 21-day fast, pickling myself in black walnut hull juice, half a tsp of baking soda in water 2-3 times a day–who needs stomach acid when fasting. I keep taking H pink salt. Oh, 1990, doctor turned me away with ring rash and biofilm, I guess I got ten years remission from Hulda Clark parasite cleanse–walnut tincture, artemesia wormwood, and cloves. I take cloves all the time.

    Rife friend, med board won’t let him take test because he’d pass, said they use magnesium from Japanese mushrooms to lure Lyme out of cyst, then zap it. I had a Hulda Clark zapper, Radio Shack parts, I made two, gave one away, might have helped. I got ten years of remission from something.

    This time, they’re coming for the kill, with a dozen rings instead of one. It’s probably because I’ve got them in defensive mode and they’re trying to preserve their species!

  28. Editor Post author

    Wow…I used the regular 1000 salt tablets albeit they are the bad salt. I figured I would liy through taking bad salt as it was not going to be forever. I did buy H salt in capsules however, I chose not to use it because there is some scuttle about the iron or copper content. I took 4 1000 Salt (Consoladated Manufacuring) 3 x a day with 4 Vit C 3X a day for six months. I experienced the entities coming out of my neck like microscopic food flies. But I cured it. I don’t see why you didn’t get cured. Did you do the same as me for at least six months…albeit with H salt????

  29. Diana from Toronto

    I just contracted Lyme this August….from a red ant! They tell you its only tics but that a lie, plus red ants eat ticks! I started 5 weeks of hydrogen peroxide 35% food grade and then just couldn’t handle one more day so I quit, although I will admit, it seemed to keep it at bay. Within 24 hours of stopping the hydrogen peroxide, the symptoms kicked in strong. Thank God I found the Salt-C protocol because I got relief within two days with little herx as I guess the hydrogen peroxide did kill off a lot of it. I was taking it with stevia from nutramedix.
    I don’t mind the taste of salt so I bought powder Himalayan salt at Costco and put a teaspoon in a bottle of water three times a day with a squirt of liposomal vitamin C from Purathrive. ( the Orange Tang flavour of the vitamin c makes it palatable). I didn’t understand why after drinking it, I always fell asleep…..then I read the label of the Costco Himalayan salt… is iodized! That is surely messing with my thyroid! What do you think of this? Switch salts? How long will this protocol take? God bless and thank you for sharing.

  30. Diana from Toronto

    PS: Also taking mimosa pudica as per Dr Jay Davidson….he says you cant cure Lyme until you get the worms out as they harbour it. Within 2 weeks on mimosa, I delivered 3 long worms in my stool! One was like a baby python. I would get bad herx out of the blue then the next day, a dead worm would come out. Mimosa pudica will turn even the biggest germaphobe into a toilet explorer. I am forever looking for my prizes and dam the dam autoflush toilets in some public places!

  31. Diana

    PSS: Salt wont kill moregellons….only borax will. I wonder if those little morgelllons invisible mites carry Lyme now?

  32. Irina K

    I was on saltC protocol for about 3-4 months and already started feeling better( i got chronic lyme for last 4 years). now i got pregnant, do you think i can continue treatment???

  33. Lynne Wallace

    For parasites, candida and worms, see you tube : Dr. Jennifer Daniels, MD. She has a remarkable, simple and effective protocol using 100% gum spirits (natural turpentine) and sugar cubes, for candida. She is brilliant: B.A. from Harvard, MD from Penn at the same time she earned her MBA at Wharton. I can’t wait to get my bottle, from Diamond in Patterson GA.

  34. Marj

    I will like to know more about the mimosa pudica.
    Did you take it wit the V.C and Salt protocol . Or did you use it

  35. Editor Post author

    I just used 4 grms of C 3 times a day along with 4 grams of salt 3 times a day. However, I had not heard of mimosa pudica. Looks like a good adjunct to the program to wisk these entities out of the body. Also the earthworm brings to us the Lumbrokinase enzyme which breaks biofilm. However, I think the salt has that function too. Thanks for the tip!

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