Lyme Disease: The Plague, denied!


I’m 24 and Have Lived with Lyme Disease for 16 Years


Allie Cashel at age 7, when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease for the first time. (Photo courtesy of Allie Cashel)




Allie Cashel is the cofounder of, an online community for people living with chronic disease.

VLA Comment:  Riveting story

I have cured Lyme Disease and the numerous entities associated with it with one easy cure.  It is called the “Salt Cure”.  Salt has always been a revered element.  With this cure the body become infused with salt.  These bioweapon entities can not live in salt.  And since the salt pervades all the tissues, they can’t hide either.  Anti biotics not only don’t work and suppress the symptoms but it radically disturbs the gut microbiome which leads to a host of immunological diseases.  Go to:


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