CASHLESS SOCIETY (world initiative) “The Beast is here” (Important to watch NOW)

Go through mother government for all transaction.



The clock is ticking in this world of paper money. Unpayable debts are piling up all over the world and are attempted to be resolved by adding even more debt. This system will COLLAPSE, creating the greatest wealth transfer in the history of the world: from those who hold paper, to those holding real assets. The Money GPS empowers and prepares the reader in these uncertain times.

VLA COMMENT:  Look to late Sept-Oct. for signs of collapse.  IMF is assigning the Chinese Yuan as a standard currency for world trade, pushing the dollar out of the box.

1 thought on “CASHLESS SOCIETY (world initiative) “The Beast is here” (Important to watch NOW)

  1. dawne

    It appears to me, that the use of “junk” silver would be an acceptable form of buying and selling. If everyone interested bought a bag of junk silver, they could use an “known” barter legal currency. Traders could keep abreast of its current value by checking its value on various business sites. Thanks, Dawne

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