WARNING – Russia Today YouTube Channel Suspended. & Alex Jones Channel is being deleted permanently

11 thoughts on “Alex Jones/ BEING REMOVED FROM YOUTUBE!

  1. Alan V. Schmukler

    The Orwellian state has been brewing for many years and is coming to fruition now. The first step was to make the population is clueless, after which the government does what it wishes and pulls the plug on any opposition. The military-industrial complex, nuclear industry, Biotech industry etc run the government. We are a nation of pawns. Progressives are still singing the praises of Obama while he passes increasingly oppressive legislation. It’s basically over. I only worry about the children. They’ll have no idea what world they inherited or how it all came about. God help them as the enter a world of killer drones, cameras everywhere, tainted GMO food, and doublespeak.

  2. Dr. Wiese

    I just watched this clip about Google and yahoo removing you from web. You say for the people to get this out, which is what we all hear all the time and we would like to do something about it.. However, you and others never put “HOW” Where to write or what needs to be done. You don’t give either Google or Yahoo email, which you assume most people will know how to find.. They don’t you have to spoon feed them.. Put up something to where they write and what to be said. Also even if people do this do you really think it will matter? Probably not! Maybe a threat that we will drop them, but then the people need to know where they need to go to sign up for another that is more open and willing to serve them without sensorship.. such as firefox or some other, I don’t know myself..A page in front on the screen to where to go and who to write would be good.. THEN people can forward on to others to do and it will get around. Without this people will do nothing and wait to to see if others do something. Than you will be off. Yahoo and google do not care unless they loose their people. They also do not know the goodle and facebook was made by CIA..

  3. Dr Toni Bark

    While I don’t always agree or like what I see on infowars, and even often think infowars is pushing a corporate agenda (NRA) and receives money from the NRA, it is more important to honor our “freedom of speech”
    Infowars should stay
    this is truly orwellian and frightening
    the industrial complexes are running our country with impunity

  4. John Hatchard

    These are very clear acts of desparation! And too late. The game is up. They are dead but won’t lie down. Zombies! You know the old saying – ‘it is darkest before the dawn’ so it is just a case of hanging in there. One response is to revert to print and email. There are many other Enlightenment Groups doing this. VLA has an Email Club. The interesting point is that it is not only Alec’s freedom to speak publicly that is being denied, it is our right to watch and listen. Well – lets stop watching and listening to what “they” want us to watch and listen to.
    Let there be some action to bring the ratings down on the main news channels. The market won’t like that and will say so!

  5. Marie

    This is terrible, and I’d like to do something about it. As Dr. Wiese says, it would help if I knew “how.”
    So far, when I go to YouTube, I still see Alex Jones’ videos there. I usually use “Firefox,” but also I have Internet Explorer.

  6. Field McConnell

    google [ vogt + dunning + hseep + crisis actors + boston ]

    google [ 23 star fraggers + pat tillman ]

    google [ dhs + dmort V + hseep + crisis actors + vision box + holder ]

    The know they are done

  7. hardtruth

    Truth is discovered this way: In the play room Sisters toys were in shambles, her toys all broken but johnnies toys were not a one broken.
    1918 in the Bolshevik revolution thousands of Christian churches were destroyed yet not one Synagogue was scratched. Does the light come on?

  8. Steve Hamilton

    As Abraham Lincoln said

    “You can fool some of the people for some of the tiem, but you cannot fool, all of the people for all of the time”

    I say – They have tried (and done a good job so far) to fool us – but their game is up; because even if they close many down – there are too many truths out already. Their days are numbered.

  9. Dale Omer Johnson

    Is this an old video? Look at the date of the message sent to Alex by Google. It appeared to me to be 2010. Maybe I misread it. I will look again. With this being said, censorship has been alive a long time. It’s just been put on steroids as of late.

  10. Dale Omer Johnson

    Yes it was. The date was Nov. 29, 2010. This is old news and I don’t know how or when it happened, but Alex is obviously alive and well today on Youtube. Thank God!

  11. john fitzgerald

    Look all I can say if Alex Jones is taken off this is the start of s–t hitting the fan.

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