Colgate Toothpaste WARNING: TRICLOSAN: Endocrine disruptors ingredient (warning)/and vaccines


Some very damning evidence has come forward that the ingredient triclosan, originally registered as a pesticide but used in more modern times in a wide array of hygiene products, is an endocrine disruptor that may also cause other health issues like cancer, thyroid dysfunction, and infertility just to name a few.

Now that this has come to light, Colgate still refuses to remove the compound from its number one best-selling toothpaste,  Read more…

Triclosan in many products such as anti-bacterial soap, etc.

2 thoughts on “Colgate Toothpaste WARNING: TRICLOSAN: Endocrine disruptors ingredient (warning)/and vaccines

  1. Desiree Rover

    A very healthy way of cleaning your teeth, mouth and gums:
    Brushing your teeth with sea salt, pink Himalaya salt, or grey Celtic seas salt brings minerals into you system.
    Once a week vigorously sloshing your mouth and teeth for ten minutes with sunflower oil will extract the toxins.
    Spit the result out in the toilet, for it will be very toxic!

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