F. William Engdahl: Washington blows itself up with its own bomb (oops)



These are sad days in Washington and Wall Street. The once unchallenged sole Superpower at the collapse of the Soviet Union some quarter century ago is losing its global influence  rapidly.
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VLA COMMENT:  Fascinating article.  For the metaphysicians and followers of esoteric philosophy (the Ageless Wisdom of the Seven Rays), the United States was founded on Ray 6 which is the “idealism” ray.  Hence we have our wonderful heritage as the ideal nation of freedom and liberty.  However, recently you might note that it appears we are riding the road to complete Totalitarianism-of or relating to a system of government that is centralized and dictatorial and requires complete subservience to the state. But this is just a stopping point on the way to a Totalitarian world government.  According to the esoteric wisdom the sixth ray is withdrawing and we can see that influence.  The goal of a world government is articulated by David Icke in his youtube video series “Connect the Dots”.  Pay special attention to PART #4.

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