Freshman Oklahoma Senator Nathan Dahm-Exhilerating Constitutional Senator (Gun control issue)

Freshman Senator, Oklahoma State Senator Nathan Dahm

“Three branches of American Government as outlined in the constitution and the bill of rights are “We the People”, the States and the Federal Government”

Remember, warning..
. if Federal stealth legislation is passed relaxing barriers to background checks, then government agencies can access electronic school or medical records. Currently 25% of American Children are on psyche drugs. At least 17 percent of active-duty military personnel are currently taking an antidepressant, including as many as 6 percent of all deployed troops. The rate of antidepressant use in the wider U.S. public is 10 percent. Data obtained from the Defense Logistics Agency show that overall use of psychiatric drugs increased by 76 percent between 2001 and 2009. More specifically, use of anti-seizure drugs increased 70 percent, use of sedatives and anxiety drugs increased 170 percent, and antipsychotic use increased 200 percent.
Not only is the private population becoming more dangerous and psychotic , which is a good case for arming private citizens,due to the use of modern psyche drugs, but at this rate very few people in the future will qualify for a gun permit due to some dance with prescription drugs – having been diagnosed with some form of mental problems. Furthermore re: MASS SHOOTINGS: 10% of Caucasians do not have the enzyme to detoxify 50% of prescription drugs. They become psychotic. Read the shocking information, heretofore suppressed…WHAT IS MAKING OUR KIDS PSYCHOTIC?

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