Read text of collusion CDC, nine non-profits and the American Journal of Obstetrics & gynocology

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Back story text of CDC/American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (AJOG) collusion to mislead the nation’s Ob/gyn’s and public

Abstract by Gary Goldman on the double dosing of pregnant women and the 4,250% increase in fetal death reports Open Access

The backstory letter for hearing

We have finally put a crack in the Congressional ceiling. Last Thursday was a riveting hearing mainly incited by a few passionate Congressman It starts out with the chairman, Congressman Issa asking the CDC some questions. But the “vaccine” word was never mentioned. Then some fiery Congressmen and women entered the scene and used the ‘VACCINE’ word. http://oversight.house.gov/hearing/

The hearing was overflowing. Several members of Congress were on fire reporting that In the 1980s Autism was 1 in 10,000. Today more than 1 in 88. Utah congressman reports 1 in 47 kids are autistic in his state. New Jersey: 1 in 26.


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    By Jon Rappoport August 21, 2014 http://www.nomorefakenews.com

    With a CDC whistleblower standing in the shadows, claiming the CDC has known about the vaccine-autism connection for 10 years, the cover-up is threatening to blow sky-high.

    And now Florida Congressman Bill Posey has sent me a statement about his experience with the CDC.

    Posey has been trying to obtain specific data about a 2004 CDC study which claimed the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine has no role in causing autism.

    The CDC whistleblower (so far, anonymously) has been pointing to that 2004 study as a fraud, claiming vital data were omitted, data which would indict the vaccine.

    So how has the CDC responded to Posey’s inquiry and request for all the 2004 data?

    Here is what he wrote to me:
    “The CDC has refused for more than six months to hand over documents I requested concerning this issue. That is not the type of response we expect from our government.”


    A US Congressman wants research data from a federal agency and they flat-out refuse.

    Nothing much is a stake here—only the health of the entire US population. Vaccines causing autism? And the CDC has the right to keep as many secrets as it wants to?

    Did the CDC wake up one morning and decide it’s the CIA? On what grounds is it refusing to release the data? National Security?

    Here is what the CDC whistleblower (a research scientist still employed by the CDC) states: intentionally omitted data from the 2004 study shows that: African-American boys who receive their first MMR vaccine before the age of 36 months have a 300% increased risk of developing autism.

    Presumably, this is what Congressman Posey would learn if the CDC turned over the data to him.

    And who knows what else he would learn?

    My comment about the CDC thinking it’s the CIA isn’t entirely facetious. In 1987, I confirmed that, routinely, certain CDC employees are sent to Langley, Virginia, for CIA training, and return with top-secret classifications—meaning they can access data that are off-limits to the rest of the CDC and most of the federal government.

    Data confirming extensive and ongoing damage caused by vaccines might indeed rate as “classified, National Security,” if by Security you mean “protecting vaccine manufacturers and their government allies.”

    As opposed to protecting the public.

    Jon Rappoport

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