8 thoughts on “GOOD GRIEF! Police Brutality

  1. JennyG

    I cannot get over that the people of the USA put up with this evil, psychopathic brutality.
    I feel these creatures (cannot call them humans) are being given orders to act like this, part of the NWO agenda to force the masses to be subservient.
    But even being subservient does not protect you from animals like these.
    And we pay them through our taxes.
    Even if they kill you in an attack, they get away with it,but one day, they will be of no use to the elite, being unpredictable, the will swiftly be disposed of, and then they will have to answer to the creator, then they will really know pain.

  2. Marie

    I got a message that this video has been removed by user. I went to Youtube and typed “Good Grief! police brutality” and many videos came up showing police brutality.
    What is wrong with our police departments, that they hire these kinds of men as policemen?
    One of my younger brothers became a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, many years ago. He resigned after a few months, after witnessing police brutality by other policemen.

  3. Marie

    JennyG: I agree with your comments.

    It was hard to watch these scenes. It makes me want to pray that Jesus Christ will come again soon, & put an end to the evil in the world. I believe we are living in the “end times” and that is why there is now so much corruption in the world. All those who are doing evil have a short time left in which to repent, or they will have to answer for any harm they have done to others.

  4. James Elmer

    Brought back memories of something a friend of my son, also the son of a Wyoming Highway Patrol officer said – INTIMIDATE THE HELL OUT OF THEM.

    It would be interesting to see them pull this crap on the two witnesses and watch fire come out of their mouths and burn them to death.

  5. Jim Reed

    Please do not misunderstand the following post.I am a former police officer. I also quit the dept, but not because of witnessing abuse by police, but for abuse I suffered daily at the hands of your neighbors, fathers and mothers, by your teachers and your ministers. The general public is responsible for many times more injuries and deaths of police officers than the reverse. That is not an excuse and there is no excuse for the abuse of force by a police officer.
    I completely agree that there are bad cops on police forces all over this country but if you honestly consider some hard truths you may be able to see things through another lens.
    Again I ma not excusing the actions of the police but consider that more than 1.6 million arrest occur daily in this country, less than 1% have the stigma of abuse reported, I know that some abuse goes unreported, but statistically those are a wash when you consider the false accusations that happen daily and are reported as abuse. A police officer is more often injured by a citizen than the reverse, many times more police officers are killed in the line of duty as a result of a criminal than the reverse. Police officers are your just like you they get afraid but can’t run from danger, they must run toward it and often sacrifice their life or incur serious injury protecting you, and putting themselves between you and the danger. Just once when you encounter a police officer and he is writing you the ticket you know you deserve, or arresting your spouse for DWI, sop one second and realize that you know you or your spouse should not have been drinking, don’t hassle the officer for making your street safer. If you have an objection to the ticket or his attitude report it, but do it honestly not vindictively.If you could take a ride one night with a police officer in a major metro area, you will see what actually happens and may well be a little more understanding of what their job is and what they deal with. None of that is an excuse for abuse by the officer, but think about how few incidents of abuse occur compared to the volume of contact they make with people that start the confrontation. It’s a job that you would likely not be any better at, as far as handling abuse they do get.Please do report any real abuse you see or experience, but also report any abuse of the officer you see as well. When you see an officer getting abused by someone, or abusing someone please make a note of the time and date and location and report that to the IA dept in your city. We can end the abuse by not abusing each other, but you will not end either as long as you allow either of the abuses to go unreported.

  6. Chris Fogarty

    A cop’s life is not easy, having to permanently confront the disturbed and the criminal among us.

    But in recent years as the percentage of military vets has declined sharply among the police they have become chicken-hawks – violently pro-war, vindictively hostile toward anti-war protesters. Thanks to ex-Deputy-Chief Jim Keating of the Chicago PD for ending years of assaults and batteries and other crimes against us by the cops.

    Having often battered us after cuffing us, and incarcerating us; no arresting cop ever showed up at my subsequent trials.

    What most impugns the nation’s PDs is their permanent acquiescence to such crimes by fellow cops. Where are the non-criminal police? Cops must decide to work FOR the people; not against them for the One Percent.

  7. Robert Foley

    It is very sad to see some police officers abusing members of the public as in the video clips above. They hurt the public and they hurt their fellow officers, because they reduce respect for the law and those who are tasked with enforcing it.

    It seems some very disturbed people manage to get into a uniform, and these need to be weeded out. You cannot beat criminality or evil by joining it. I agree with most of what Jim Reed above says, police often get subjected to abuse because the police have fairly and squarely caught them breaking the law (eg driving drunk, trying to shoplift etc.,)

    That said, there are two things that can be done to address this problem:

    Those we elect to look after out interests need to really start doing their job and bringing to account those who have undermined our freedoms and safety and welfare the most – not some turbaned ‘terrorist’ but the scoundrels who made the gap between rich and poor ever greater, amassed more wealth into fewer hands, nearly destroyed the economy of the country; have done the same across the globe and then scare us with the smokescreen of ‘terrorist’ stories when those distant people fight back.

    Secondly, when police brutality does occur, without any good reason, those police officers need to feel the full force of the law and never be allowed dishonour the uniform by wearing it again. being tasked with upholding the law, their conduct has to be exemplary.

    Until those things happen, I suspect we will see a lot more of this.

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