Hospital Threats to Seize Custody of Unvaccinated Newborn

Hospital threatens to seize custody by Child Protective Services of their newborn son unless they vaccinate on the spot!

New parents gave into the doctors demands for fear of having their son taken away reporting them as negligent parents.

There was a piece published by the New York Times recently written by Dr. Kristen Feemster (a pediatric infectious disease physician who profits from “professionally advising” pharmaceutical companies and feels that a parent’s decision not to vaccinate may warrant a call to Child Protective Services) that urged the scientific and public health communities to curtail vaccine exemptions. In case you’re wondering, a vaccine exemption allows an individual to forgo the vaccination for medical, religious, and sometimes philosophical reasons. The reason for trumping these rights? The public good.  Read more…

Are vaccines effective?  (We know they are not safe based on the infant mortality rates and the increase in chronically ill children)

For example:  Measles

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