Iceland forgives people’s mortgage debts: April 2012

This little country has been listening to the people. First they refused to pay their international debt which was foisted on them by global negotiations. Now, their mortgage debt has been forgiven. If small countries like this followed suit…the world will be a very different place.
Article: Did Iceland Forgive its debts?

3 thoughts on “Iceland forgives people’s mortgage debts: April 2012

  1. Allison

    I don’t like this because they promised to pay the loan they requested and they broke that promise. What good is their word now?

  2. Mary Mohanan

    How about those of us who go without the new kitchen, inground pool, and fancy suv’s, who have paid OFF their mortgage early???

  3. eugene

    I forgive 2 previous members of our family who posted their comments above to demonstrate that they envy debt forgiveness which hasn’t even happened.

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