2 thoughts on “Paul Highlights at the Fox News Iowa GOP Debate

  1. ralph

    The Commander and Chief Jesus Christ has charged us to war against principalities in high places. We have run and hid from that duty for the pleasure of the flesh. So now is the time that we will reap the consequences. Our blatant disobedience is an act of treason to freedom and liberty. The churches have defiled themselves by ignoring this assigned duty. It’s so very sad. We have allowed ourselves to be demoralized by the beguilement of the Talmud. So very sad. We have been seduced to becoming fools rather than a Nation of righteous people.
    That’s the whole of it in a nutshell.

  2. Dr. Michael

    Who chooses the moderators for these events. That guy Baier is a total idiot and a hawk for war. Where do they find these morons with no experience and huge egos?

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